Adventures In Real Estate

Yes, it's that time. I am growing up--picture me arms wrapped around a post screaming "NO I WON'T GO". After almost 3 years in my big girl pants I've decided to BEGIN looking at homes to buy. *Note--this will not be a quick process and may take me into next summer, but you gotta start somewhere. 

Tomorrow I am going to look at my first option--and I fear I am going to love it. Why is this a fear you ask? Because I have a slight fear of commitment. How cliche am I? About the house:

It is a "town home/condo, two bed, two bath, perfect little starter place for a 25 year old gal and her long-legged mutt. But here's where it gets good...this joint is in a gated community, on a lake, with a golf course...I'm not golfer but I guarantee ya I'll learn, a pool...are you drooling? I have yet to see photos of the place so maybe just maybe I won't love it. But let's be realistic..

And then one day should fate ever decide it's time for me to join with someone and have a new home elsewhere well what's so wrong with having a lake house? Nothing I tell you, nothing. 

Plop me down right here, yes please. And while I am not the country club type I can sure grab some pastel J.Crew and throw a pinky up for a view like this. 

*Completely unrelated side note to anyone who is currently reading--stay tuned, I do intend to fancy this thing up but Rome wasn't built in a day. Yeah I just compared my blog to an ancient country. If that's not confidence I don't know what is. 

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