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So this is one of my favorite features on a lot of the blogs I read...the 5 on Friday Link Up. So here goes my first list of what I am feelin' this week...and just in general.

ONE: Watermelon! It's a tiny bit of a cliche, but it IS summertime and what is summertime without some the pool no less. And don't worry that bottle of Jim Beam is actually holding some of our homemade apple pie "moonshine". We actually poured some of it on the watermelon...and shockingly it was YUM. 

TWO: Old school Dixie Chicks albums. I have been jamming these for a few weeks now. Every now and then old favorites surface and remind you just how much fun you had driving too fast in your first car with the windows down...and maybe a cigarette...

THREE: Big Buns. No, no, not that Kim K loving here. Just the cute little ballerina/snob bun. I'm in the process of perfecting mine. I feel it works better when my hair is air dried, as it is in this pic, versus when it is straightened..seems to be thicker. Let the tweaking continue...

FOUR: These nifty little life savers. If you are a spray tanner these are a Godsend. They keep you from getting those icky orange feet that are a DEAD GIVEAWAY that you just got a spray tan. Nothing worse than someone calling out your orange piggies. (And yes, I am still wearing them hours later...even at the gas station...can't be havin' no flip flop lines. You can usually purchase them at the tanning salon for around 2 bucks. Totally worth it. I usually stock up with a few pairs just in case I go to another salon that doesn't have them. 

FIVE: this is a big one ya'll. This is not a weekly obsession this is a part of my daily life. Like on my list of things to take to a deserted island. HIGH PRIORITY STUFF PEOPLE. And they're everywhere: by my bed, by my couch, in my purse, in my wallet, in my car, at my desk, there is one that actually lives in the pocket of my North Face, in my makeup bag, next to my toothbrush, in the drawer in the kitchen, always in my bathing suit top at the river, pool, lake, etc, in my pillow case...I do not kid. And I am not even ashamed. 

That's all for this week! As I said yesterday, I am still a work in progress--and probably will be all my life-HA- but stick around. Time will tell.


  1. Found your blog through five on five. Um Love watermelon. Totally soaked it in Malibu rum before and oh my gah it was delicious!

    1. heck yeah! you can not go wrong there!

  2. I just found your blog from the Five on Friday linkup. I've yet to have apple pie moonshine, but it seems to be the popular thing! I really want to try it because it sounds yummy. I think it would be pretty interesting on watermelon too.

    As for buns, I haven't perfected mine yet. I agree that they tend to work better with airdried hair vs sleek flat ironed hair. But, I think a bun is supposed to be a quick updo and mine takes so long to make it look decent enough to go out in public. Guess I need more practice!

    1. yea I hear ya, I've yet to wear my bun out in public...still unsure of it haha. I'll do a post with the recipe we used to make ours! It is so easy and makes a ton for about $35. It is dangerous!

    2. If you're interested I posted the recipe we used.

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