Hair Worship

It is no secret Blake Lively has amazing hair. Personally, I think she seems kind of like a snot...or maybe I am just jealous she landed Ryan Reynolds and don't EVEN get me started on how envious I am of her role in Savages...

I have always been blonde, with the exception of the 3 times I tried to be a brunette--all of which lasted less than a month. Hello hair damage.

Here are some looks I have been coveting as of late, most of which are from Ms. I refuse to call her Mrs. Reynolds. 

Stop with it. How gorgeous is this look. 

Braids. Nuff said.

I really CAN NOT pull off the ombre. I have tried and failed but I can still covet, yes? PS: I do LOVE the color of these ends as a possible all over color.

Blake can work an updo. Threw in this cute little messy one on Kristen too because this is me ohhh lets say 5 out of 7 days. Do not care for Kristen's brassy & gold tones though. 

Aaaannnnd, I hate her.

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