Knock Knock

As you may have seen in a prior post HERE I am looking for a home to buy. I found one yesterday...and I really like. I make decisions quick. When I find something I love I rarely change my mind. In true Megan fashion I have already jumped the gun and began looking at decorating ideas...isn't that all the fun anyway? Just to pretend. It's like playing house/dress up for adults. First off let me say while I enjoy Pinterest--see mine HERE, it too is a work in progress--I have recently become obsessed with the app Houzz--see mine HERE. Anyways, I'm is something I am really considering doing when I find the right joint. If anyone reads this I would love opinions.

If you hadn't figured it out by the photos and the title of this post I'm talking about a turquoise door. (I threw in one random cobalt door just as an idea.) Turquoise is one of my very favorite colors. It makes me happy and energized while making me feel relaxed at the same time. Somewhat of a contradiction, I admit, but think how a crystal clear ocean makes you feel. This is that feeling in a color. To me it says, "Welcome home, now kick back and relax."

All photos were taken from google images.

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