Monday Madness

What a hoaky title, I know. Monday always seems to be associated with negativity but it doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Here's whats going down today in my world:

ONE: I visited the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta for my 3 week eyebrow check up. I love going to them for brow waxing. They really take their time and do all the fixins'...unlike a certain other place, which I won't bad mouth *cough cough nail salons cough*.
I'd post a picture of them but that just seems creepy. Just know, they do a good job.

TWO: Evol Bowls. You can buy them at natural foods stores. They are Gluten free which I know is a plus for some folks. But above all they're just damn good, and much more filling than those Lean Cuisine things. My favorite is the Teriyaki Chicken, and I just throw on a little extra Soy Sauce.

I will be trying this new one next. I am obsessed with Mac N Cheese.

THREE: I've discovered my dog has either dandruff or just dry skin. Either way a trip to PetsMart is in order to take care of this. She's black so it is extremely noticeable, I don't want the other kids at the playground to make fun of her. 

FOUR: Budget. This word I do not use often. As you may have seen in a prior post, I am looking to buy a house, which means...SAVE SAVE SAVE. I have limited myself to $300 a week...and this includes gassing up my not so fuel efficient SUV. I've already spent $42 on purple conditioner and an eyebrow wax at Ulta...not off to a good start. Not to mention I need dog food and doggie Head N Shoulders. Back to the days of Ramen and Big K brand cola...or the Albertson's equivalent since there is not a Kroger near by. This will be a challenge as I have become quite accustomed to spoiling myself. 

FIVE: I bought this dress this weekend and LOVE it. Goal is to wear it this week. Probably Wednesday for half price wine night at Carino's. Hey...half price...that helps with the budgeting right? Yeah I agree...I like you.

I got mine at a local boutique called Belladona in Tyler, Texas but I believe I took the last one because they're sold out. Click the photos to be directed to their website. They have some cute stuff and you can shop online. 

The "this dress" link above will take you to Red Dress Boutique, they've restocked it in some other colors. The closest being a coral. Really cute maxi.

Well y'all that is about all I've got for today. 

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