Sit, Stay, Go Fetch Me A Beer...

Gemma has been away at puppy boot camp for the past 30+ days...and while I miss her terribly, as anyone who is my Facebook friend can attest to, I am really looking forward to having a well trained dog.  Daisy, who is my first pet as an adult currently resides with my father, and while I trained her well 5 years time is much more valuable consumed these days. Daisy is an excellent dog if I do say so myself. She listens like a therapist and doesn't judge. She will freeze in her tracks while chasing a deer if we tell her to. THIS IS VALUABLE FOLKS. 

Enter Gemma, my long-legged, lanky, goofy, "Marley and Me-esque" lab mix. I am now being told she has a bit of Great Dane in her...look out. At 5'2 she and I will be able to two-step soon. I am picking her up this Sunday, though I fear she will be sad to leave camp. Let me tell you this place is cool. (who uses the word cool "L" on forehead now, Megan.) They take the dogs for paddleboat and golf cart rides, have an outdoor play area with a pool and lots of toys, etc. She has made new friends and my favorite part about Circle Star Pet Resort is that they post pictures of all of the dogs daily to their Facebook. It is nice to see what she is up to. I will be back on Monday with a full report of how she is doing, along with a graduation-yes I said graduation-photo. God bless dogs and their ability to withstand all of the humiliating things we humans put them through..all out of love, of course. 

Till then I will leave you with some photos of her 30 days--all taken from Circle Star Pet Resort's Facebook page which you can find here if you are interested in their work. If you are from the central, East, or anywhere in Texas really and have a dog you worship I suggest you check them out.

They also have some sweet babies up for adoption and all come with their training. Again, check them out. As for me I can't wait to kiss this sweet baby's wet nose and snuggle. Its been a long, cold, 30+ summer nights with out her bed-hogging.

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