Travel Liter and More Often--Part 1.

I have done a small amount of traveling in my 25 years, but I do not mean to downplay my experiences. The few trips I have made have been more than I could ask for. This post is inspired by this post I read on Buzzfeed.

In a nutshell here are some of the trips I have made. This list is comprised only of trips I have made as an adult.

CALIFORNIA: Southern California. I do not have any photos of this trip and I will not go into much detail of it for personal reasons but I will say this:

It was my first time EVER to 20 years old.
San Diego is HUGE.
Temecula, CA has a vineyard that has one of my favorite wines. Find it here. It is good. It is worth buying.
SoCal is beautiful and the weather is very pleasant in November.

I am going to Los Angeles at the beginning of September and am hoping for better results on this trip. Stay tuned.

NEVADA: Las Vegas. This was my second trip to Vegas, first as an "adult". My and my two best friends went for my 21st birthday, and honestly I do not believe I have ever, nor will ever have, a better birthday. We stayed at the MGM Grand which was perfectly fine for what we were after. The amount of time we spent in the room was limited mostly to the bathroom anyway. This trip was special. Three best friends, on their first real big trip alone, very little money, and it was one of the best of my life. Funny story: our flight home got cancelled due to ice on the plane's we ended up stranded in our connecting point of Denver for the night. It was a first and it was stressful but it was an adventure.

I will leave you with some pics:

My favorite cake...strawberry with cream cheese icing. 

Airport--we were excited.

My first LEGAL slots.

I miss that "21 year old body", and those amazing shoes from Forever 21. They have been retired.

We snaged a limo and between the 5 of us it was relatively cheap. We road around for an hour and he dropped us off at The Palms.

Check out this drunken montage...this was at GhostBar. Amazing view and we had a blast.

I LOVE this picture of my BFF Jacky. She looks like a movie star. (She is wastey face.)

Big margaritas and a perverted M&M.


My second trip to Vegas was different. We had more money and we were a little more tired. Four years makes a huge difference in your ability to stay out all night. We did a lot of shopping, a lot of eating, and even spent an afternoon in the spa of our hotel--which was Vdara in the new City Center. I felt kind of sick the entire trip--no not a hangover--so it was kind of a bummer. Our room was amazing and had a HUGE tub. 

Excited about our room and view! 

Diet Coke. Much different than those margaritas. 

We went for New Years Eve and the fireworks were pretty cool.

But I did not feel good. Boo.

I have decided I won't be in a rush to go back to Vegas. I think I am past it. If I go back I will plan better. I will plan to see a show or two, some spa treatments, and more shopping and eating. That sounds like my kind of trip. 

This concludes Part 1 of my travels. There is plenty more to come, stay tuned. I don't know about you, but I love reading about people's travels. I find it very entertaining.

Thanks for reading.

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