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Linking up through Sami.

Well, it is Monday. Another weekend gone too soon. Let me start by saying Monday has already started off as a horrible hair day. Anyone else ever have those days where your pony tail just won't lay flat, like the ends are just screaming to be put back to bed. Experiencing that in all it's glory as we speak. I did not blog this week so I decided I would do this weekend link up. Hope to meet some new friends along the way.

My weekend consisted mostly of one thing. DOG PARK. We went Friday after work, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon.

Friday: I worked, went to the dog park with Gemma, and had a marathon watching Orange is the New Black, the Netflix series. I LOVED it. It is a little graphic so if you're sensitive I do not recommend it, however if you do not get offended easily then please watch on. Such a good series. Can't wait for Spring when Season 2 comes out, along with Season 4 of Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey.

Saturday: I got up around 9 (felt so nice) and had my coffee and watched some TV. Took Gemma to the dog park and we played for well over and hour where I picked up a lovely shoulder sunburn. There were about 25 dogs there and she LOVED it. My dog is incredibly sociable. Saturday night we went to a place called The Bar (clever and confusing all in one, i.e. "Where are y'all going tonight?" "The bar." "Ok, great but which one?" "THE Bar"---you get it---everyone here knows where you are referring to but when I was new in town this threw me for a loop.) We drank too many beers and WAY TOO MANY shots. Then got home and I killed a Big Mac and fries..oops. In my defense I was trying to win a mil on the McDonalds monopoly game. All I won was a stomach ache and 1000 calories.

Sunday: HOLY HANGOVER. Slept till noon. Went to Texas Roadhouse and had some yummy mashed potatoes that helped clear up said hangover. Then I went shopping and got some pretty cute stuff. Awesome maxi from Francesca's, some bras and this amazing Cowboys jersey from Victorias Secret. This thing is so comfy. After shopping it was more dog park then some takeout Jason's Deli, True Blood, and off to bed.

All in all it was a relaxing weekend, but I still got to see some of my friends and blow some dough. My favorite activities.

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