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I've made an attempt at this blogging thing on many occasions, but it seems here lately I have more and more to say as my audience grows smaller and smaller. Funny how that happens. That's where the internet comes in. It allows us to be blissfully arrogant that there may be strangers out there who actually want to read what we have to say...i.e. Facebook. I'll fill in those who don't know me with a brief summary of my life:

The name is Megan, and I am a born and raised Texan and I love my state. (With the occasional bouts of hate  annoyance towards the DPS systems and Texas' intense driving laws.)

I have 3 siblings, 2 nieces, and my dad--but more on family later, I'm sure.

The loves of my life--currently--would be my dogs, Daisy and Gemma. I am an animal lover, and if one day I grow old on a little farm with a few horses and an infinite amount of dogs...well that'd be just fine.

                                                                       Gemma, stop with the cuteness.

I love my job, even though it keeps me away from home a lot. I have met many great people and new friends through it and can say without a doubt my life would not be near as full as it is today if I had not made the decision to take this career path rather than finish college. <--- forgive this run-on sentence, while I am a college drop out I do value grammar and english. Sometimes a girl just needs a run-on.

I'm a fast talker, walker, driver, and eater. I can be ready with full makeup, hair (even clip in weave sometimes--guilty), and outfit in under an hour. I move at a quick pace, though I really am in no hurry. Blame it on the amount of caffeine I take in on a daily basis. Yes--guilty there too. It is my vice, along with occasional trips to the tanning bed and my bouts of binge drinking. I'm 25...I'll regret it later, perhaps, but life is short and I won't insult your intelligence with that horrible Drake quote...but ya'll know where I'm headed...

I'll leave you with that little bit to sum me up, though I can assure you I could go on for days. What you'll find here is just a general dose of exactly what makes up my day and what goes through my mind. May be interesting...may be the most boring thing you've ever read.

Try everything once, twice if you like it.

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