Wine Down

Yesterday was Wednesday aka the GREATEST day ever because it is "Wine Down Wednesday". A friend of mine and I used to go share a half price bottle(s) of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio at Carino's. Well for some reason she decided to up and move and leave me here. Anyway, I joined up with another friend for a few beers and got convinced to go to a "wine tasting party". Now I'm one of these people who thinks "wine tasting?, I prefer wine drinking". But I tagged along anyway because, as I said earlier this week I am on a budget...and well this is free.

We show up at the hostess's house and it is kind of like a Scentsy party or a Mary Kay party. Six bottles of wine set up, some cheese, crackers, and strawberries, and a few bottles of water. We sit around and chat a bit, and I am certain I scared some of the older party guests with my tales of being paid $50 by an  older gentleman at the airport because he enjoyed my company...that is another story for another time though. After I regaled the guests with my outrageous stories then party finally commenced. We were given a little speech by the woman who sells the products and then were sent to gather a plate with the food--a little bit of everything--and return to our seats. You are given a sheet to fill out your notes on each wine you sample. She started out with some history of the company and then did her first pour. My only complaint is that you only get an ounce of wine...WHAT?!

First up was a Semi-Seco Sparkling. We learned that Champagne can only be called Champagne if the grapes are grown in that region of France. Everything else is "Sparkling Wine". I feel like I already knew this useless piece of knowledge.

*Side note: We learned that there are categories of wine drinkers, based on your tastes, i.e. Sweet, Ultra Sensitive, Sensitive, and Tolerant--no this doesn't refer to your love life, though if it did I would say "tolerant" fits my life. Bottom line: I like all wine. Riesling to Port and everywhere in between.

Back to the was enjoyable. But again, I enjoy all wine. Next up was a wine called Symphony, it was a white and again enjoyable. Enter Moscato. These are not my favorite wines, I prefer a red or a Pinot Grigio if I am drinking white. One glass of sweet wine is plenty.

One of my favorites was called "Goddess". First of all--LOVE the name, secondly it was yummy. Plus it is a red. SCORE. I would buy this wine.

We tried a table red which is a cheap ($14) bottle that is used for every day use. It was perfectly fine for cooking and just relaxing. We did a Cab Sav which I throughly enjoyed and then one more red blend. Well after all of this my friend Cheryl and I decided "What the hell...lets host our own party!" You get something like 7 bottles of wine, PLUS it is just a fun night with friends. We signed ourselves up to jointly host two parties, one on a Tuesday--more reserved crowd-- and one on a Saturday--this will be a party.

Stay tuned to hear about how those go. If you are interested in any of this for yourself check out Wine Shop at Home.  They are out of Napa and the wine is good--trust me, I'm a doctor.

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