Bad Blogger!

Hello loves. I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger at the end of this week. I am without my computer for the weekend but I will be back Sunday with "Friday Jams" and sweet Kristen over at tagged me in a post I am excited to do as soon as I can devote the proper time to it! Stick around. Enjoy you're holiday!! Last one of the summer...tear. 

Xo- Megan Ashley

Wellness Wednesday

This week has been so busy at work, which in turn has left my brain over loaded and fried. I am just drawing blank after blank trying to think of something to say...which could just mean there is nothing really worth sharing going on in my world this week.

SO, what I am going to blog about today is Zeal. If you haven't heard of it, it is kind of the new craze (see Advocare). A friend of mine on Facebook is constantly raving about it's effects. She swears it can help you kick caffeine. This is something I desperately need to do, but really, really, really don't want to. I LOVE coffee, I LOVE Diet Coke, I LOVE tea. I don't think I'll ever give up my own cup of coffee in the mornings. I just like something warm. The occasional latte from Starbucks can't be ruled out either once winter rolls around. I love shopping with a latte in hand when it is chilly out.

I am about to admit something to y'all and myself:

I drink about 5 diet cokes a day.

Let that sink in. I'm talking all sizes. Bottle, can, Route 44...

I know this is not only unhealthy but expensive. It is bad for your teeth and there is the whole aspartame debacle. So, I am going to start incorporating Zeal into my life.

You can read about their benefits here. Maybe putting this challenge to myself out here on the internets will help hold me accountable. I am notorious for breaking a challenge. I just don't do well with them.

I haven't made my first drink yet but plan to about mid-morning. Stick with me and every Wednesday I will give y'all a little update about how I am feeling and how it is going! Fingers crossed I can kick the cokes!

Ps: I hear it is a great hangover cure. Who doesn't love that thought?!

Twerk Tuesday

Totally kidding about that title. Well, kind of. We're y'alls Facebook news feeds flooded with Miley statuses? Mine was. I finally gave in to my curiosity and gave it a watch. 

Wow. Disgusting. I made this face a lot. 

Thanks, B. 

Overall I'm not completely horrified by it. What else is new? Some celebrity acting out? Kids are doing it all over America, just not on tv. I'm much more concerned with the real tragedies and news going on in the world. 

However, I did LOVE this. 

I love Will Smith even more now. What did y'all think? Horrifying or "not news let's all get over this now"? I'm falling somewhere in the middle zone on that one. 

Happy News!

So, it is Monday. I could fill this with a lot of whining and complaint...believe me. In the interest of time and good vibes I want to share some thing that I am looking forward to in the next 30 days.

1. Labor Day Weekend. Well duh. Monday off work. Does it get better? I'm going to my Dad's for the weekend to spend some time with him and also just see some of my old friends. I will be eating a lot of food from my favorite places in College Station as well as doing some shopping at my favorite shops. Sunday my dad is going to make his "famous" fajitas for me at the lake house.

2. Getting to see my nieces. It has been a while since I have been able to. They are growing so fast (11 & 6) and I do not want to miss these crucial years. I want to be the Aunt they know they can turn to for anything. The oldest celebrates her birthday this month too. I CAN NOT wait to give her the presents I bought. I LOVE giving gifts, probably more than I like getting them. I got her a PINK Hoodie and the cutest little hot pink backpack with studs on it. She will love it, I hope.

3. Football. It is just so exciting. I love it. Self explanatory. I may even try to take in a few games live, depending on my schedule.

4. Cooler weather. Again, does that even need an explanation? Bring on the sweaters please. I think my favorite outfit is a baggy sweater with shorts. I am much more comfortable with my lower body than I am my upper body. Best of both worlds.

5. The smell of pumpkin, spice, etc. And pumpkin spice lattes. YUM.

6. My mama's birthday is this month as well. Even though she is no longer with us I know she is having the best parties where she is at.

7. I will be Texas Women Blogger's guest poster this month! How exciting is that?! I love that blog and the ideas behind it. I also love my state and connecting with other ladies from around this wonderful place. Be sure to pop over in September, every Monday, and read. :)

It only gets better from here too! What are y'all looking forward to?

Gospel From Megan

It is Sunday and I've got a ton of errands to run, lunch with a friend who is in for the weekend, and then hot yoga at 4! Busy day...oh and I have to squeeze in time for Gemma at the dog park and a bath for her. Wow and Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest?! I'm sure y'all all feel me there. We put off and put off all weekend until its the last minute. Silly. Anyway I just want to leave you with some sweet quotes I have pinned. Sorry they're are not sourced here, as I am on my phone and do not know how. If you're curious as to their origin please see my Pinterest and the "Quotes" board. Original, I know. 

Lovely, isn't it? So short and sweet. Be the change. 

I think I will be trying this. Hope there is a good sunset tonight, cause we know I won't see the sunrise, God willing and the creek don't rise. 

Sweet thought. 

I'll wait while you get a tissue. Must take Gemma to dog park. She waits on me too much, I'm afraid. 

I just had to throw her some blog cred/lovin'. 

And for that reason alone, I will follow. 

Enjoy what is left in this day and rest! Tomorrow is Monday (I know I too was hoping it got lost). 

-xo Megan Ashley 

Ambassador Shmambassador

Shmambassador (<---that was fun). This is just one of my "icks". I just read an article where Emma Roberts talked about her skin care routine. What did I learn? Squat. Know why? Cause she was too busy pushing Neutrogena products due to her role as their Brand Ambassador. Let us be real for a momento...home girl is rolling in cash flow and you're telling me she uses only Neutrogena...HA.

She is not the only one guilty of this. Every star who represents a brand does this shiz and it bugs me. Jen Aniston with Aveeno...look I legitimately want to know what this broad does. She is flawless and I NEED THE INFO. So spare me the product pushing and spill it. Cause we all know she don't just use the Aveeno.

Am I the only one this bothers? You're not revealing some major secrets, hunny, you're just repeating a script.

Sell outs. Psshhh.

Friday Jams

I'm still linking up this week, but I'm doing my list a little different this week. I am giving y'all 5 songs that I am loving right now...I warn you, they're all country so if thats not your thing, no hard feelings. If you do like country, or are open to new things give these tunes a listen when you have time.

1. Frankie Ballard- Helluva Life

This song makes me smile. " gets a barefoot country girl swaying to the song that's playin'..." I instantly start swaying myself. A great little end of summer tune. Picture playing it while sitting on a tailgate, with a cold beer in your hand, and a nice September breeze blowing...aaahhhh!

2.  Granger Smith- Silverado Bench Seat (there are about 20 GS songs I could have used FYI)

If you stick around you'll come to find out that I am a HUGE Granger fan. My Texas girls hear my on that one, I know! Not only is he talented and a good guy, but he don't hurt to look at, ya hear me?! This song is precious, perfect date scenario...also kind of takes me back to high school when we had to sneak down to the river and make out in the truck...almost more romantic knowing you'd be dead if you get caught but it's totally worth it. Aaaah, young love.

(stupid advertisements)

3. Aaron Lewis- Grandaddy's Gun

Try to listen to this without tearing up, I dare you. Such a sweet song. I think of my Dad rather than Grandad, but the sentiment is all the same. Plus one day my children will get their "grandaddy's guns"...two safes full! Doesn't Aaron Lewis have such an amazing, soulful voice? You really feel it. He is a true talent.

Gah!! Seriously, I tear up EVERY time. 'Scuuuzzze me I gotta go call my pops.

4. Brian Davis- Lights of My Hometown

Again, CHILLS. This song has a lot of different emotions it brings out in me. This one also reminds me of high school. Geez, I didn't realize I missed that ish. This is an awesome song, and I hope it goes far. Dude is talented.

5. Early Ray- Fried Pickles

This is just for fun and totally adorable. Who doesn't love fried pickles, am I right? This isn't even about food but it makes me hungry. I too love to run barefoot in the rain...who am I kidding I love running barefoot anywhere. Enjoy, then go grab you some fried pickles and sweet tea vodka. :)

Ok this may have been my favorite Friday 5 Link Up EVER. So much fun to put together this list. I hope y'all enjoy the tunes and hell I very well may do this again next week. I have enough Granger songs alone to keep it going for 6 months.

Happy Weekend To All!


This is a subject near and dear to every girls' (and some boys') heart. What do you do when one of your favorite beauty products is discontinued? Sometimes I truly can not understand why a product would be discontinued...but I don't make the rules. Insert Swiffer commercial music now..."Baby come back!". Goodness that was so cheesy I am a little embarrassed.

These two bad boys are products that I miss on a daily, and I do mean daily basis.

ONE: This is one of my favorites. I will admit to already having bought a bulk supply on Amazon. "They" say it is not wise to buy discontinued products online as they may be fake, but look...don't rain on my parade. It is like the "placebo effect", in my mind it is the real deal, therefore it is the real deal.

This face wash is the only one I have found that will remove ALL of my makeup while not leaving my face dry. I had been using this for 5 years when I came to the end of my bottle. *Side note: I remember when the bottle was oval shaped and blue* I went to the store to stock up and much to my dismay, it was not on the shelves. Further research lead me to the harsh reality that the folks over at C&C decided to stop making this product. *You can now find the Makeup Dissolving Wipes, and while I do like just is not the same.* Needless to say, I hoped right on and hoarded the life out of this foamy wonderfulness. 

TWO: I could not get enough of this lotion. My mother and I loved it. There were bottles of it all throughout the house. Why they quit making it I can not understand. I am certain between my mother and I we were single handedly keeping St. Ives in business....

Enter: Whipped Silk. This lotion not only had a wonderful, light smell but it also was an excellent moisturizer that dissolved quickly. PLEASE COME BACK. My skin is begging you.

What products do y'all miss? Have you ever searched places like Amazon in search of them? Please tell me I am not the only one who has problems letting go!! 

The Yoga Nazi

How about this new layout?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Designer Blogs rocks.

So let me preface this post with an apology for its sloppy nature and countless grammatical errors. I am super busy at work today, but didn't want to neglect y'all either. This one is coming straight outta the 'ol brain and onto this page, no drafts and or previewing. It is somewhat of a those are always enjoyable to some degree, yes? Yes. Ok.

You may know, I am not a huge fan of working out. I have been a fan of yoga, however. I work up a good sweat and feel it the next day. I throw in Pilates and Barre as well, when offered. I finally found myself a pretty good yoga studio here in Midland and have really enjoyed going...that is until last night. I settled in on my mat, with my props beside me, and waited for the 6:00 Vinyasa class to begin. A woman sat down next to me and asked if I had ever taken class with this instructor before, which I had not. She gave me the not so subtle "you're in for a treat" look and said, "You may want to line your blocks and blankets up, and roll your strap." I gave her the "b*tch are you crazy look".

She caught on and filled me in on what I was about to experience...which only increased my stress level. The instructor who was subbing in place of my usual wonderful, sweet, and supportive instructor, has a reputation of being a hard ass. But wait..? This is yoga isn't it? Where we are all supposed to support one another, relax, and move at our own paces. Listen to our bodies and learn from every session. Yeah, that is my understanding of yoga.

Enter the sub (I am refraining from using her name). A tall, bean stalk of a woman, older, and rocking a raging camel toe. Typical yogi. She does a glance around the room, and informs us of how she likes things done. She wants to see shoulders down AT ALL TIMES. Well ok, yeah, thats basic form but the minute you tell me if you catch my shoulders down "you will be very unhappy, and I don't want to see that because it is a full moon!" my shoulders instinctively want o shrug up in a one part defiance and one part pure fear. Then throughout the entire class she was constantly tugging on my leg (as well as other students), pushing at my tail bone, etc. Now I am not knocking an instructor who gives tips and critic. In fact, that is how I have learned to do most moves. My regular teacher quietly walks around, gives words of encouragement, and subtly helps you with your pose or posture if needed. She does not tell the entire class where you're weak spots are and remind you ONCE AGAIN of the impending full moon. I'm beginning to think she must be a werewolf or some kind of witch at the very least.

What is the point of this rant, other than relieving my stress? Just to draw attention to those wonderful instructors out there who understand that we are not all experts, which is why we pay you to teach the class. Am I right? Instead of my usual, peaceful, tension relieving session, I found myself even more tense. I was constantly checking the clock and counting the seconds until it was over. This is something I never do. When on the treadmill, absolutely, but when in yoga I am usually surprised the 75 minutes went by so fast, and wishing there was more time.

This lady knew her yoga, there is no doubt, and maybe to students who are at a more advanced stage than yours truly she is a Godsend. I on the other hand do not like fear and intimidation with my yoga.

Ghandi is not happy with you madam. Thanks for listening.

Texas Tuesday

I have no idea how to link via iPad but please check out these ladies blogs, and join in some good ol' Texas lovins!

I think this is an awesome link up. It combines two things I really enjoy: Texas and the opportunity to connect with new readers as well as find myself some new reading material. Since I am coming to you from my iPad and it is not my preferred method of posting this will be brief and contain a cluster of photos from my Instagram. (I decided to save myself 100 hours and not crop them, surely you forgive me. And hey, there's my Instagram username, feel free to follow along. I warn you, there are a considerable amount of selfies, mostly goofy faces though.) AAAND end the worlds longest parenthesis statement EVER. 

What I love about Texas (did you start singing the Dairy Queen theme song, cause I did and now I want gravy) is that you can see a multitude of different landscapes in one state. Literally, it is like having 5 states in one. Beaches, lakes and rivers, mountains, snow, desert, pine trees, big cities...the experiences are endless. There is always a beautiful sunset photo-op waiting around the corner. So, to sum up I will stop rambling and leave you with a selection of my favorite "Texas" photos via my Instagram. 


Hello lovely readers. I have been reading a lot about starting your blog, and how to make it successful, etc..and one of the main points I see over and over is "make sure your blog flows, has a consistent theme, represents what you want to say/who you are". While I often speak of my life as
"mi vida loca" I'm not sure that it really describes me. Furthermore, not everything I post is crazy or about a crazy life.

Maybe I thought that was the tone I was going to set, but so far it has not  turned at as such. Therefore, I am making some changes today.  I have already changed the name and am in the process of a fully revamped design, that I am very excited about.

About the name: Barefoot & Blue Jean Princess.

Well, I feel like it is pretty self-explanitory. You can usually find me barefoot and in a pair of jeans. That is my comfort zone, however, I am sometimes described as a "princess". While I am certainly not a brat, I like my girly touches. I decided I want my Blog name to describe who I am, because what I post relates to who I am.

Did that make sense? Geez, that seemed like some kind of rambling rant. Anyway, I hope you'll keep coming back, and I hope you'll enjoy my new look.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate anyone who takes the time.

Weekend Relaxation

Linking up with Sami

This weekend I didn't do much on the fun scale. I spent Friday and Saturday mornings completing the boring, yet necessary, steps to moving into my new home. I had it inspected Saturday morning and happily there were very few minor suggestions the Inspector had. Happy, happy, happy. Saturday evening I went with my current roommate over to her parents house. They just built a beautiful home and there were a few people there celebrating. Her step mom busted out a bottle of Dom and we all took a swig and decided were perfectly happy with Korbel! Saves us $115 next time HA! I did a little shopping as well. I got a great Current Elliot denim shirt, and a really cute BCBG dress that will be perfect for New Years if I don't find something before then. I also replaced some flip flops my dog destroyed and while I was at that store ended up spending way more. This store is my weakness. If any of you are ever in the Tyler are, Racquet and Jog. You're welcome and I'm sorry.  I played in the yard with Gemma a little since we were having such uncharacteristically cool weather for August in Texas and stopped at a little road side stand for some awesome produce.

 So without further delay here is a photo dump.

Current shirt and BCBG dress.

Fresh and amazing blueberries. 

New house party! Yummy little bundt cakes from a place called "Nothing Bundt Cakes".

Everyone enjoy their week! 

Sweet Tea Social

Texas Women Bloggers

Happy Sunday! The weather around here (Tyler) has been wonderful this weekend. So relaxing. This week I had a few posts I enjoyed but one I particularly liked was about aging. Read it here. This is a topic dear to every woman's heart and definitely something my girls friends and I chat about! We all have our reservations and fears and the article I referenced in my post really hit home. I identified with it and enjoyed it. Olivia Wilde is a doll and she really drove her points home with a little humor included. Good read. Hope you enjoy and get some confidence out of it like I did.

Have a great week!


Its Friday Link Up Time!

I am really loving this link up. I have met some ladies and also found some great products. It is nice to share, right? That's what we are taught anyway and I dig it. So without further delay...

ONE: My new planner. Nerd right? It even has a 4 shopping lists and 4 meal planner worksheets PER MONTH. Got it at Office Depot. Check em out.

TWO: Mario Badescu. I use several of their products already and if you register and fill out a survey on their website they will send you free samples to try out. I just got mine in and am going to start trying them tonight!

Presh, right?

THREE: Pizza. Who doesn't love pizza, really though? I created this one via Dominos, which is my favorite chain pizza place. Thin crust with ham, pineapple, bell pepper, black olives, jalapenos, onion, and feta cheese. UH-MAY-ZIN.

FOUR: Nomorerack. If you've been following along you know I am buying a house. This site is a hot mess of crap. Good deals though. I found some AWESOME sheets for $30 and even ended up buying my Dad a set for Father's Day. Some ridiculously high thread-count. Anywho, it is worth checking out. I compare it to SkyMall. Just junk you don't need but HAVE to buy.

FIVE: Tyler Candle Company. To.Die.For.  Obsessed with the laundry detergent. It is quite expensive for detergent so I normally just use it on my sheets and towels, but on occasion I have been known to wash all of my clothes in it. Money be damned!! My all time favorite scent is "Diva". The candles are also worth every penny.

Sorry for being brief but I've got a lot of appointments regarding my new house this morning! EXCITING!

This is what my early morning off looks like:

A few moments of peace before my crazy Friday. 


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