Aging Advice From Myself...and Olivia Wilde via Glamour Magazine

I am not quite closing in on the 30 year gap but I'm moving closer. I celebrated my 25th this June and while I feel I have accomplished a hell of a may not be exactly what I thought I would have done by now. I wonder if anyone, even those girls who appear to have it all together, really feels like they're exactly where they thought they would be at this time in their lives. Probably not. We all thought we'd be a career woman and wound up a housewife or thought we'd be a housewife and wound up in a career that makes that damn near impossible (<---- me). Does this mean we are dissatisfied with our lives? Absolutely not. It just means life is unpredictable. Does it mean that said housewife cannot still find her dream career or that said career woman can't still have a family? Again, absolutely not. Life is still unpredictable and will continue to be up until our last day. So we might as well settle in and do what we can to steer ourselves along the course, but also take our hands off the wheel just enough to let fate pull us where it will.

Check out this article in this months Glamour Magazine. I love Olivia Wilde and I think she summed up those typical "turning the big 3-0 fears" to perfection.

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