Ambassador Shmambassador

Shmambassador (<---that was fun). This is just one of my "icks". I just read an article where Emma Roberts talked about her skin care routine. What did I learn? Squat. Know why? Cause she was too busy pushing Neutrogena products due to her role as their Brand Ambassador. Let us be real for a momento...home girl is rolling in cash flow and you're telling me she uses only Neutrogena...HA.

She is not the only one guilty of this. Every star who represents a brand does this shiz and it bugs me. Jen Aniston with Aveeno...look I legitimately want to know what this broad does. She is flawless and I NEED THE INFO. So spare me the product pushing and spill it. Cause we all know she don't just use the Aveeno.

Am I the only one this bothers? You're not revealing some major secrets, hunny, you're just repeating a script.

Sell outs. Psshhh.

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