This is a subject near and dear to every girls' (and some boys') heart. What do you do when one of your favorite beauty products is discontinued? Sometimes I truly can not understand why a product would be discontinued...but I don't make the rules. Insert Swiffer commercial music now..."Baby come back!". Goodness that was so cheesy I am a little embarrassed.

These two bad boys are products that I miss on a daily, and I do mean daily basis.

ONE: This is one of my favorites. I will admit to already having bought a bulk supply on Amazon. "They" say it is not wise to buy discontinued products online as they may be fake, but look...don't rain on my parade. It is like the "placebo effect", in my mind it is the real deal, therefore it is the real deal.

This face wash is the only one I have found that will remove ALL of my makeup while not leaving my face dry. I had been using this for 5 years when I came to the end of my bottle. *Side note: I remember when the bottle was oval shaped and blue* I went to the store to stock up and much to my dismay, it was not on the shelves. Further research lead me to the harsh reality that the folks over at C&C decided to stop making this product. *You can now find the Makeup Dissolving Wipes, and while I do like just is not the same.* Needless to say, I hoped right on and hoarded the life out of this foamy wonderfulness. 

TWO: I could not get enough of this lotion. My mother and I loved it. There were bottles of it all throughout the house. Why they quit making it I can not understand. I am certain between my mother and I we were single handedly keeping St. Ives in business....

Enter: Whipped Silk. This lotion not only had a wonderful, light smell but it also was an excellent moisturizer that dissolved quickly. PLEASE COME BACK. My skin is begging you.

What products do y'all miss? Have you ever searched places like Amazon in search of them? Please tell me I am not the only one who has problems letting go!! 


  1. I LOVE Johnson and Johnson Deep Hydrating Extra Dry Skin Lotion and the body wash and they discontinued it. I have super dry skin and eczema so it would keep it hydrated all day and i wouldn't break out or anything. Any time I go into a store I look for it lol. I have switched to Aveeno but it's not the same...

    1. I am still using up the C&C face washes I hoarded from Amazon, but I am down to one bottle left. When it is gone I don't know what I will do. I've never found anything like it.



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