Friday Five Link Up

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ONE: Tattoos. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck that I am dying to cover. I don't really mind it but it was not thought through. I have been looking at ideas and am pretty set on a longhorn skull with a yellow rose headband. Hear me out...

Something like that. (These are screen shots from my instagram and ATX Mafia.)

TWO: In keeping with the longhorn theme...FOOTBALL SEASON IS UPON US. Coming so soon. I am ready to watch some college football...Texas Longhorns and my Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully both have better seasons. 

Yeah, thats me. Born to be a Longhorn. Can't help it.

Har Har Har. Only Cowboys fans can laugh at this.

THREE: Getchu some of these right now! Literally the best margarita I have ever had, and I am a Texan.

FOUR: A1. Look, I love this stuff. It is my sauce. I use it on everything but my favorite is on a baked potato. That or I just like to turn it up. See below.

FIVE: Outshine Lime Popsicles. Shot of tequila, suck on one of these bad boys.

This is what you look like after, and it is just fiiine.

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  1. As a Giants fan I love that Cowboys quote, haha...happy Friday!



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