Friday Jams

I'm still linking up this week, but I'm doing my list a little different this week. I am giving y'all 5 songs that I am loving right now...I warn you, they're all country so if thats not your thing, no hard feelings. If you do like country, or are open to new things give these tunes a listen when you have time.

1. Frankie Ballard- Helluva Life

This song makes me smile. " gets a barefoot country girl swaying to the song that's playin'..." I instantly start swaying myself. A great little end of summer tune. Picture playing it while sitting on a tailgate, with a cold beer in your hand, and a nice September breeze blowing...aaahhhh!

2.  Granger Smith- Silverado Bench Seat (there are about 20 GS songs I could have used FYI)

If you stick around you'll come to find out that I am a HUGE Granger fan. My Texas girls hear my on that one, I know! Not only is he talented and a good guy, but he don't hurt to look at, ya hear me?! This song is precious, perfect date scenario...also kind of takes me back to high school when we had to sneak down to the river and make out in the truck...almost more romantic knowing you'd be dead if you get caught but it's totally worth it. Aaaah, young love.

(stupid advertisements)

3. Aaron Lewis- Grandaddy's Gun

Try to listen to this without tearing up, I dare you. Such a sweet song. I think of my Dad rather than Grandad, but the sentiment is all the same. Plus one day my children will get their "grandaddy's guns"...two safes full! Doesn't Aaron Lewis have such an amazing, soulful voice? You really feel it. He is a true talent.

Gah!! Seriously, I tear up EVERY time. 'Scuuuzzze me I gotta go call my pops.

4. Brian Davis- Lights of My Hometown

Again, CHILLS. This song has a lot of different emotions it brings out in me. This one also reminds me of high school. Geez, I didn't realize I missed that ish. This is an awesome song, and I hope it goes far. Dude is talented.

5. Early Ray- Fried Pickles

This is just for fun and totally adorable. Who doesn't love fried pickles, am I right? This isn't even about food but it makes me hungry. I too love to run barefoot in the rain...who am I kidding I love running barefoot anywhere. Enjoy, then go grab you some fried pickles and sweet tea vodka. :)

Ok this may have been my favorite Friday 5 Link Up EVER. So much fun to put together this list. I hope y'all enjoy the tunes and hell I very well may do this again next week. I have enough Granger songs alone to keep it going for 6 months.

Happy Weekend To All!


  1. Ohhh....gotta love some Granger Smith! I think I may post my favorite songs next week for Five on Friday! Gonna steal your idea, thanks in advance! Haha!

    1. No worries! Ill be sure and read! I love finding new music. And seriously Granger...he is a doll.

  2. Could you be real? I think we could ride in a vehicle together and not fight over what to play on the radio ;) love your list!

    1. Aaah! That's amazing NONE of my friends and I have the same taste in music. It's a constant battle on road trips!! Some people just don't know good music. ;-)



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