Getting To Know Me

Y'all I am at a serious loss for anything to write about today. It's just one of those blank days. I always enjoy reading random facts about people. You never know how much you may have in common with someone. So here are so tidbits about yours truly.

1. I am terrified of the dark. I alway sleep with a light on.

2. I am short. 5'2--maybe.

3. I went through a serious ugly stage, we're talking acne, buck teeth, orange awkwardly curly hair, chubby, and red cheeked...

4. I have a full blood brother I just met for the first time a year ago.

5. I can't roll my eyes--seriously--they come out crossed instead.

6. I have never had a stitch or surgery. (Knock on wood.)

7. I believe in aliens.

8. I have never been out of the country, but I am DYING to. So far I just have not found anyone to travel with.

9.  My favorite animal is a horse, but since it isn't practical in my life, I settle for a dog.

10. I live in a 5th wheel camper--more on that some other time. I'm kind of like a real life gypsy.

Nice to meet you. See you tomorrow for another list on the Friday 5 Link Up.

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