Happy News!

So, it is Monday. I could fill this with a lot of whining and complaint...believe me. In the interest of time and good vibes I want to share some thing that I am looking forward to in the next 30 days.

1. Labor Day Weekend. Well duh. Monday off work. Does it get better? I'm going to my Dad's for the weekend to spend some time with him and also just see some of my old friends. I will be eating a lot of food from my favorite places in College Station as well as doing some shopping at my favorite shops. Sunday my dad is going to make his "famous" fajitas for me at the lake house.

2. Getting to see my nieces. It has been a while since I have been able to. They are growing so fast (11 & 6) and I do not want to miss these crucial years. I want to be the Aunt they know they can turn to for anything. The oldest celebrates her birthday this month too. I CAN NOT wait to give her the presents I bought. I LOVE giving gifts, probably more than I like getting them. I got her a PINK Hoodie and the cutest little hot pink backpack with studs on it. She will love it, I hope.

3. Football. It is just so exciting. I love it. Self explanatory. I may even try to take in a few games live, depending on my schedule.

4. Cooler weather. Again, does that even need an explanation? Bring on the sweaters please. I think my favorite outfit is a baggy sweater with shorts. I am much more comfortable with my lower body than I am my upper body. Best of both worlds.

5. The smell of pumpkin, spice, etc. And pumpkin spice lattes. YUM.

6. My mama's birthday is this month as well. Even though she is no longer with us I know she is having the best parties where she is at.

7. I will be Texas Women Blogger's guest poster this month! How exciting is that?! I love that blog and the ideas behind it. I also love my state and connecting with other ladies from around this wonderful place. Be sure to pop over in September, every Monday, and read. :)

It only gets better from here too! What are y'all looking forward to?


  1. Amen to the cooler weather and football season!!

  2. I am with on Labor Day! Can't complain about a day off work!

    1. Especially when that day off is a Monday!! :)



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