ITS FRIIIIDAY. Link it up.

I really am beginning to love these Friday link ups, because, skeptical as I was at first, I have now begun to meet a few lovely ladies. And isn't that what it is all about? Not to mention I have discovered some good products. Here come the 5 things I am living for right now.

ONE: Nivea Kiss of Shimmer Lip Care. Not only is the color UH-MAY-ZIN but it has SPF 10 and is ooooh like $2. I buy tons of them. This color really looks great on any skin tone and with any hair color. My only bitch is that I don't love the taste. That said I don't hate it either and I can totally look past it. Quit lickin' ya lips anyway.

TWO: Big Red. That is a given. It is the most glorious soda on the planet. Get with it people. BUT the angels are singing and down from the light has come my life and thigh saver: BIG RED ZERO. Swoon.

THREE: RAIN! We finally got some out here in the wild west. So naturally the place flooded, but worse things could happen. The Earth out here is rejoicing.

Yes, I still hang stuff in my rearview...but it's just headbands for when I am having a crazy hair afternoon. 

FOUR: Proof of Heaven. I read this book in a day. It is awesome and moving. I teared up, I laughed, I smiled, I felt HOPE. Great book. At the very least, I recommend you read Dr. Eben Alexander's story somewhere online or watch his clip from 20/20. Moving, thought provoking, etc.

Fun fact: I have a huge peeve about leaving those 20% stickers on books and such. It was removed right after this photo.

FIVE: Brandy Mellville. I just got in a shipment of swag and have been wearing pieces all week to work. Of course, I have to throw skinny jeans under the "dresses" (<----um maybe if you're 4' tall...I am 5'2" people and these "dresses" are hardly DRESSES) and a cardigan over the top. Let me say, while they are teeny tiny short, I adore them and look adorable with rolled up skinnies or a cute pair of tight shorts underneath. Today I am wearing one of the dresses (all black, slinky super soft cotton fabric, thin straps...HOT HOT HOT) over my American Eagle "capris" (on someone my height they're skinnies rolled up at the ankle) with a Trouve thin, pale pink, flowy cardi over top and a mint green necklace from Francesca's and the black and gold Tory Burch Miller Sandals. Very cute and comfy for a Friday. Below is a pic of all my goodies.

WAAAAH for how wrinkled the white dress is. Worst part of online shopping. Must iron. 

Well that's all y'all!! Thanks for visiting!

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