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What is effortless beauty? I know many a lady who believes their routine falls into this oh-so-illusive category. They believe because they wear a minimal amount of makeup this makes them “effortless”. While this is somewhat true in the literal sense, I believe to be truly “effortless” that effortless feeling has to start from within. You didn’t know this was a contest to see how many times I could say “effortless” in three sentences, did you? I kid, I kid. That isn’t what this is, at all. This is my attempt to talk to you about how to free up your daily lives and routines from the weight that is effort.

Contrary to popular theory I believe my day “starts” when I get ready for bed. Think about it…this is the time of day when you are prepping your mind, body, soul, and outfit for the day to come. Some start this process with an herbal bedtime tea, a slew of yoga poses, a thick hand cream, or Letterman. There is not a universal “calming agent”, well, aside from medication. The only thing required to calm oneself is a lack of work. If you take the work out of your relaxation process it becomes effortless and when you awake the next morning that vibe will just flow right on through. Nice theory, yes?

So, what do I do to create my effortless style of living? First, let me start by saying, I am human—I do stress out from time to time. My skin goes out of whack, my hair refuses to cooperate, and for the life of me I just cannot shake my grumpy attitude. The first step in effortless living is not to beat yourself up about these things. Know your feelings are normal and vow to wear them for the day and then they have to go in the hamper along with that itchy sweater that probably contributed to said attitude.

I like to end my days with a warm shower followed by a blast of cold water right before I exit. Why? I don’t have a good answer other than, it feels good, refreshing even. I sometimes incorporate a eucalyptus dissolving shower tab when I feel the need for some spa-like pampering. Look into them. My next steps are simple. I air dry, lather up with a thick body lotion, sometimes throw on a healing facemask, put in eye drops, and then moisturize my face. This is the most important step.
My mother lived to be only 59 years old, however her skin never looked over 35. Flawless. She is my motivation. 25 years from now I want my skin to give the appearance that I lived an effortless life. As I stated above, this isn’t always possible. Which is where a great product comes in. Enter Seventh Generation Boosts Hydrating Natural Skin Serum. What a wonderful addition to my skincare. Living in the harsh West Texas weather has wreaked havoc on my baby face. Every day is a constant sandblast to the cheeks. I slipped this little baby in with my current face cream at night as an extra boost—making sure to cover my neck and the backs of my hands. In the morning, I simply used to solo after a good toning and then applied makeup. What you get is deLIGHTfully—see what I did there? this stuff is so light!--smooth skin and what I found to be a beautiful glow. There is not a heavy, weighed down feeling to the skin. You feel as though you’re wearing nothing.

As I said before effortless does not come from a lack of product, it comes from a feeling. A feeling that you haven’t wasted 30 minutes applying products that do not work. I believe we have all done this; it is an integral part of learning. However, the kicker to learning is you have to stick with your newfound knowledge. When you find the routine that works and leaves you feeling as though you’ve exerted minimal effort then you hold on to that baby. Just be sure not to strain your face while you’re holding on—that causes wrinkles. #allnaturalstylesecrets

Xo- Megan Ashley

I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. I, too, believe that the night routine is so important in skin care. :)



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