Weekend Relaxation

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This weekend I didn't do much on the fun scale. I spent Friday and Saturday mornings completing the boring, yet necessary, steps to moving into my new home. I had it inspected Saturday morning and happily there were very few minor suggestions the Inspector had. Happy, happy, happy. Saturday evening I went with my current roommate over to her parents house. They just built a beautiful home and there were a few people there celebrating. Her step mom busted out a bottle of Dom and we all took a swig and decided were perfectly happy with Korbel! Saves us $115 next time HA! I did a little shopping as well. I got a great Current Elliot denim shirt, and a really cute BCBG dress that will be perfect for New Years if I don't find something before then. I also replaced some flip flops my dog destroyed and while I was at that store ended up spending way more. This store is my weakness. If any of you are ever in the Tyler are, Racquet and Jog. You're welcome and I'm sorry.  I played in the yard with Gemma a little since we were having such uncharacteristically cool weather for August in Texas and stopped at a little road side stand for some awesome produce.

 So without further delay here is a photo dump.

Current shirt and BCBG dress.

Fresh and amazing blueberries. 

New house party! Yummy little bundt cakes from a place called "Nothing Bundt Cakes".

Everyone enjoy their week! 

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