Weekend Shenanigans

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This Monday I am not so blue. For one thing I took off Friday to go down to South Texas and visit my dad. When he and I get together there is a lot of cussing (I get my potty mouth from him), arguing, and criticizing of each others driving. I swear the whole time I was riding with him I was bitching and vice versa.

Miss Gemma, my dog for those who don't know, behaved HORRIBLY but she had a blast playing with my Dad's dog Daisy. Daisy is an angel. We went to the coast and other than that we ate tons of Mexican food (real Tex-Mex, not Casa Ole) and one good meal of shrimp and fish in the bay. Photo dump to sum up my weekend.  Mostly I just have pictures of all the amazing food I ate.

Taco al carbon and beans. I love me some beans.

Good ol' Mexican breakfast. Migas, potatoes, beans, bacon, and of course, chips and salsa. Can't skip chips and salsa. 

Got this "3 Minute Miracle" by Aussie to repair the ocean water damage on my hair. Fun fact: to pass the 3 minutes just read that whole label in French, out loud. I was cracking myself up. Probably took more like 5 minutes. 

Does this even need a comment? No? No. 

I'm sorry about the crotch shot but I wanted to show off these adorable shorts from Victoria's Secret. SO COMFY and cute. I searched the website and I think these are gone but HOW cute are these? Perfect beach shorts. 

Fried huge gulf shrimp, catfish (my fave, I know gross right but I grew up on a lake so I blame that), hushpuppies, and french fries, lots of cocktail sauce and lemon juice and sweet tea. PERFECT. 

I call this: "Suspicious Quotation Marks" 

My beautiful Daisy and my beautiful Texas.

Well y'all that's about all I have for this weekend. It was chill, low key, and filling. I had a relaxing time and now I am totally prepped to take on the week. I've got a good post for tomorrow so please check back, especially if you like horoscopes. 

Have a fabulous Monday. 


  1. Hey girl, found you through Weekend Shenanigans! That mexican food looks great! And I use Aussie's 3 minute miracle and I love it! Love your nails too :)


    1. Thank you!! Yeah I am certain I could eat Mexican food every day. :) Glad to have you read! Checking out your blog now!



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