Weekend Shenanigans

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Wow is it ever a Monday!! First I overslept. Then the dog was being a pain. Then the shirt I had planned to wear was not working out so I had to rethink everything. Then my new concealer was taking me forever to open (always do this the night before) so I had to forgo it. Anyway, you get it...its been a Monday. Anyway, you're here because of weekend shenanigans and well...mine sucked. I had a stomach virus and spent the whole weekend feeling awful. Finally yesterday I was able to move so I got up to run my errands which started with HEB. 

You would think mornings would be the best time to shop right? Yeah, well so does everyone else. Not to mention they are in the process of restocking the shelves so some items aren't even out. Bad plan. 

I did a little shopping then my friend and I decided to go to Outback for lunch. Being that I hadn't eaten in something like 36 hours I went all in. Bread, French Onion Dip, Salad, Filet, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Snow Crab Legs. Talk about a feast. 

Next up on the agenda was True Blood. Man, I love this show but it is getting weirder and weirder right? There was one scene that me and my still sensitive stomach almost couldn't handle. 

Anyways, I am sorry to bore you with nothing but isn't that how real life goes? Sometimes our weekends aren't all perfection with weddings and trips. Sometimes life happens and you get sick and you are confined to your bed. Blogland can sometimes give the illusion that everyone spends their days dripping in fabulousness but I know for a fact that ain't so. 

Have a wonderful week! Tomorrow I am going to link up with a recipe from my grandmother. I am making it tonight and I will do my best "Blogger" impersonation and take lots of photos.

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