Last Monday

Go over to Texas Women Bloggers. Today is my last guest post! That has been so fun, and I truly appreciate every new follower I have gained from my experience. 

Today's post is about nostalgia and a chicken fried deer steak recipe, if you can decipher it. 

Get Gritty

So, in a few hours, thanks to the miracle of flight, I will make a short 1 hour trip from Midland to Houston. I am staying with my sister, a 24 hour trip only, but tomorrow morning bright and early we are running the Gritty Goddess 5K.

I am looking really forward to it! It is an obstacle course run, which will probably kill me but hey..YOLO or whatever?! I totally used that wrong, didn't I?

I will try to take as many pics as I can and post them tomorrow night or Sunday!

In other news:

Target has been on point lately. I have stocked up on PJ pants, books, makeup, birthday cards, coffee, etc.

Here are some awesome picks I have grabbed:

So comfy and I love plaid. 

Amazing material. 

I love this brush set. The powder brush and the eye shadow brush are two of the best I've ever used.

I may be late to the party here but I love this. It has a great little shimmer in it too. Keeps me not so shiny! 

Happy weekend y'all!!

Thursday Tunes

 photo image-60.jpg 

Let me start by apologizing for my absence this week. My day job has been a mad house and I have really not been able to find the time to give y'all a post worth reading. I am hoping by Saturday or Sunday things have calmed down. Sadly, the blog doesn't pay the bills so I have to put the day job first. 

Now on to our link up. See last weeks post if you missed it. 


Grab our button and please link to me and Kristen in your post. You do not have to follow us unless you just want to, in which case we'd love to have you!

Post 1-5 songs you like at the moment, have liked in the past, whatever! You can embed from YouTube or use GrooveShark if thats more your thing. I personally like to watch videos. 

That's it. Very simple.

This week I am using songs that make me happy. After this week, I need them.

1. Cold Beer With Your Name On it- Josh Thompson-This one is new to me but I have been playing it on repeat and it always makes me smile.

2. Miles and Mud Tires- Granger Smith-Daily dose of Granger? This album is phenomenal (in my opinion) and it to is always on repeat. This song reminds me of my life. 

3. Country on the Radio- Blake Shelton- Blake is cute and this song is cute, and well, that's all I got.

4. By Your Side- Sade- I discovered this song on one of my favorite episodes of Sex and the City. It is a break from my usual country tunes but I really like it. Very calming. 

There you have it! Stick with me I will get back to my normal flow. I have really enjoyed my new readers. I try to comment back to you all, but if you haven't check your google account and turn on your email for comment backs! I like to comment back to you that way so we can actually chat!

Texas Women

Hey y'all! I have a hectic morning, so instead of insulting you with some crappy post go over to Texas Women Bloggers and check out my guest post. You can learn a little bit about how I live. Interesting to say the least.

Friday Funnies

Today I woke up in a good mood, but it only took one jerk comment to make that good mood disappear. Well, "they" say "laughter is the best medicine" so that's what I have decided to do. Here are some "funnies" I have been pinning and saving to my phone.

**Warning: some contain bad language.


This is too cute. F Bomb and all. 

Insert "Blogger" where "white girl" is. 

Love sloths.



I hope y'all had a few laughs. Happy Friday!! 

Also, thanks to everyone who linked up with Kristen and I yesterday! We were very happy with it. 

Thursday Tunes Link Up

 photo image-60.jpg 


Grab our button and please link to me and Kristen in your post. You do not have to follow us unless you just want to, in which case we'd love to have you!

Post 1-5 songs you like at the moment, have liked in the past, whatever! You can embed from YouTube or use GrooveShark if thats more your thing. I personally like to watch videos. 

That's it. Very simple.

Today I am doing my favorite songs to dance to. 

1.  Let Me Hold You- Stoney LaRue. Great for a good slow dance.

2. Meet In The Middle- Diamond Rio. This is one of my favorite up tempo songs to dance to. Also, check out this old video. LOVE the hair!

3. Somewhere With You- Kenny Chesney. I really love this one. It's right in the middle, a little bit of a pace and great for some spins!

4. Shut Up and Dance- Aaron Watson. Kind of cliche but it really is fun to dance to!

I am not the best dancer, but with the right song and the right partner it can be a lot of fun.

Hope you join us, looking forward to seeing picks!

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Life Saving Products

Ok, that title may be an exaggeration, but I really like these products. They make my life a little bit easier.

1. Tan Towel Self-Tan Towelette. My girl Kristen posted about this a few weeks ago, and I had always wanted to give them a try. Reading her good review convinced me to bite the bullet and buy, and let me tell you I like em.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This thing is truly a life saver. Look at how well it cleaned my sink--and I tried every product to get that residue out of my sink.

3. Retail Me Not. Love this site. If you haven't used this site, do it. It can save you a lot of money on your online shopping.

Money save using Retail Me Not.

4. Free Shipping. Anywhere that has free shipping AND bonus free return shipping is amazing in my book.

Free ship and free return. 

Free shipping--2 days!

Free ship and return!

Free ship and free return.

Not a long list, but just a few things that make life easier, especially if you're busy like me.

Tomorrow Kristen and I start out Thursday Tunes link-up, so be sure to check back here around 8:30 am or over on Kristen's blog and join us!

A Little Bit Gypsy

This mornings post is stolen from my Texas Women Bloggers guest posts. It is something that I really wanted to share with my readers though, because it gives y'all a little insight into my life. Enjoy! Post starts now: 

A fun fact about me, that I rarely share is, I live in a 5th wheel camper. Yep, me, my half great dane, and my 500 articles of clothing. Why you may ask? Well, mostly because I move a lot, and after years of packing up apartment after apartment or paying to live in a hotel for a month I just got tired of it. I bought myself a camper and put my home on wheels.

The first night I moved in, I cried. But, after buying a mattress topper, some new bedding, and adding some personal touches I began to love it. It is my little home. So basically, wherever I move, I get to take my house with me. Now is this a long term solution, no. A lot of people in my business live in campers, some of them even do with their spouse and or children. That seems a bit too tight for my taste. 

There are a few cons such as you have very little refrigerator space and very little pantry space. Since the campers are designed to only be stayed in for a week or so they do not come with a lot of storage for food, but you make it work. I keep shoes in one of my kitchen cabinets and pots and pans under my couch. You learn to move things around to where it works for you. The bathrooms are another complaint. The showers are pretty small and you're hard pressed to find good water pressure (pun intended). My hair has taken the brunt of this decision. The toilet situation is fine, except when you have to drain your tanks. I won't go into any gory detail but it can be kind of a pain, especially when moving time rolls around and you have to unhook your sewer lines. It humbles you to say the least. Closet space is another issue, again because they're not designed for someone to live in long term. Actually, and this is kind of crazy because I hate laundry, but my biggest gripe would be not having my own washer and dryer. But, like I said, I make it work.

I have to say it is pretty fun once you get it figured out. I just moved it last Thursday. It can be a little stressful, but it only took me from 9 am to 2 pm to get moved--that does not happen in a house. I will leave you with some pictures of my home on wheels or mobile mansion as I like to call her.

Here are a few of the before pictures. As you can see from the pictures above, I did a little to make it feel more like a home.

You can see, once you throw in some decoration and color it actually begins to resemble a home. I am coming up on my 2nd year in it and over all I think it was a great decision. Plus, I like the feeling of no strings attached. I can pick up and move anywhere in the U.S.!  There are some great little RV Parks around this state, and I have been in a few of them. Extra bonus: some come with free wifi and cable and some, like mine now, even pay your electric bill, therefore in these West Texas summers I keep the thermostat way down and never worry about a bill. Talk about a win!


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