I've been at my dads house in the boonies all weekend. Relaxing. I forced him to make fajitas because I promise you, you won't find any better. We had all the fixins too, of course. My brother and his girlfriend are here as are some family friends. It's been a good day. The dogs are playing in the lake and now we are all fat, happy, and ready for a siesta. What a great tradition siestas are. 

Best beef fajitas of your life. 

Homemade pico. 

My dad bought up a bunch of carnival supplies years ago. Comes in handy. 

Finished it off with some homemade ice cream. Stay tuned, one of my guest posts for Texas Women will be how to make this. 

I'm gonna get back to the day. Have a safe holiday y'all. 

Xo- Megan 

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  1. I’m just curious – when you say Boonies what area is that? You can’t go wrong with fajitas, ever! How cool is it that your dad has carnival supplies? Perfect for entertaining! How do you guys make your homemade icecream? My favorite is (with an icecream maker) a two liter of A&W cream soda and Eagles brand. Healthy, I know! But it takes like vanilla and it’s pretty amazing!



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