Friday Jams & Your Help Is Needed

I was MIA last week to do my Friday Jams and hated it!! That was my favorite post to date and I couldn't wait to do another this week.

Kristen, from Kandid Kristen joined in the fun and did one last week, which got me thinking this could be a fun link up, so I have asked her if she would like to  Co-Host one with me. I think what may make it even better is that we are still a group on the smaller side. That makes it much easier to connect and look at all entries. Be sure to go over and check out her page today.

So what do we need your help with? Just answer a few questions if you have time.

1. Would you want to participate in a music link-up? There is one other that I know of out there but it has a different vibe than what I am picturing.

2. Do you have any suggestions or requests? Bare in mind the following we've already discussed:

  • We will change the day of the link up. There are already a lot of Friday link ups as it is. This would possibly be a Thursday deal in the future. Suggestions welcome on what day you like, it seems to be Thursday is usually when I am having a blogging brain fart! A link up is a good way to get ideas when you're feeling drained.
  • You can list any songs you want, whether it is something you've been playing on repeat lately, something that you haven't heard in a while but is always a pleasant surprise to hear on the radio, any genre, old or new. All that matter is that you like it. Or hey, if you're feelin' crazy do a list of songs you are so over. That could be comical if nothing else!
  • I would also like to hear why you like it (or don't). <---I feel like a teacher here, but don't take that as a bossy assignment. To me most songs I like, I like for a reason. There are some that are purely just fun to sing to and that is a totally acceptable reason. But, if the song has a meaning to you, please share. It is a good way to find out how you relate to someone. 
  • You do not have to do 5 songs, anywhere between 1-5 is fine. Sometimes there just isn't enough on your mind and that is perfectly ok. No pressure, we still want you to join.

So with all of that said, here is my list for the week. 

1. Stick Around- Granger Smith. If you read my post two weeks ago, you know I love me some Granger! This song has become my new anthem/soul song. I can relate to it in every way you can think of. If you're a drifter like I am, this is your jam.

2.  Make Me Wanna- Thomas Rhett. I love this guy too. I really like all of his songs, but this week I picked this one because it just makes me smile. It's very easy to picture this movie that would accompany this song.

3. Shades of Green- Chase Rice. Apparently today my mind is on cute boys, because here is another one. I found Chase through Twitter and have been loving his music for a while. I've actually got tickets to see him at the House of Blues in Dallas in November--AND HE TWEETED ME. DIEEEE!!! He is starting to pick up some fame so I am glad to catch him before he becomes huge, because he will.


4. Bad- Phil Hamilton. Ok, none of my friends understand my love affair with Philty, but I am strangely attracting to him. It's the beard. This song is fun, and kind of secretly my fantasy. Don't judge me. I wanna be the "bad, bad girl".

5. Fight For You- Texas Renegade. This is just a sweet, sweet, song. This band has a lot of good ones. Give it a listen. Bonus--it is the acoustic version.

Seriously these posts are too fun. I LOVE music, and I think I am not alone there. Please give Kristen and I some feedback on if you would like to be a part of a link up similar to this!

Thanks and I appreciate every single reader, comment, etc.


  1. You know I {LOVE} your choices for Friday Jams! I would participate because I think everything has a song to represent it lol. What about sometimes throwing out different themes for us to post to? Like "Songs that remind you of high school" or "Best Breakup songs". I think that would be fun to see what all everyone puts for different milestones in their lives :)

    1. That's a great idea! That would definitely be something to incorporate as more people got involved. Thanks for the suggestion--and oh goodness, some of my high school picks would be downright awful, although the ideas are fully flowing now!!

  2. Love these tunes & the idea of a link up! I'd for sure participate, once my blog is up & running again---a month or so! :) Great idea!

    1. Great to hear! It will be going, probably on Thursdays. Please do join when you're back in business. :)



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