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As I was finishing up last season of Sons of Anarchy last night I became inspired to create todays post: my favorite TV bad boys. Let me explain, in real life I do not shoot for the "bad boy" type. I like my heart to feel good, not hurt, and no matter how fun one may be...it always ends poorly, in my experience. However, on TV, it seems they are the ones I love to day dream about. So here goes my list:

1. TIM RIGGINS- Friday Night Lights. The one, the only, TEXAS FOREVER. Good Lord, I had some kinda crazy crush on this boy.  He is completely the kind of guy that would have had me swooning and blushing all over the hallway in high school.

2. SAWYER- Lost. Gosh, I hated Jack. He was so whiney and such a busy body. I rooted for Kate and Sawyer, hell I even rooted for him and the blonde chick, who's name is escaping me.

3. ERIC NORTHMAN- True Blood. The seasons that have a lack of Eric in them, are usually my least favorite. He is the bad boy, but as we know, he has a soft side too.

4. JAX TELLER- Sons of Anarchy. Ah, the beauty that inspired this post. He is my other bad boy dream, aside from ol' Timmy, except in this case, he really is the bad boy. He is the definition of it.

He likes to say that a lot.

5. MARK SLOAN- Grey's Anatomy. Hello pretty man. While he wasn't horrible, he was the bad boy of Grey's, well besides Alex. Like Jack from Lost, Derek just annoyed me to no end.

6. SPIKE- Buffy the Vampire Slayer. AAANNND one good throwback bad boy. Oh Spike.

In the making of this list I discovered another difference in my TV fantasy life and my real dating life. It would appear I like light hair men. Well, in reality, I pretty much have only seemed to date dark haired men. Isn't dark hair usually supposed to be "villainous"?!

Who is your bad boy TV crush? I would love to hear some more! Also, go on over to Texas Women Bloggers and check out my guest post!


  1. Stopping by say a Texas Howdy !! Love your blog..hope you will visit mine!

  2. Hi Megan,
    Found your blog on Texas Women Bloggers today and I loved your post and love your blog. I too struggle with the pros and cons of rural life versus city life all the time! New follower on Bloglovin and Twitter!

  3. Haha, I love this post! And I agree with most of them!! :))))



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