Reasons I Feel Like a Blogging Failure

I know I am not alone in my feelings of reading through some blogs that just make you put a hand to the forehead. Some women seem to have it so together. The art of "having it all together" is lost on me, though not for lack of knowledge, just lack of motivation.

Disclaimer: this is meant to be comical, I in no way have bad feelings towards anyone who is either like me or like the people whom I am referring to when I say "having it all together". While this is all the truth about me, take it with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.


Where oh where do I begin with this one? I try and I try, I am just not very good at it. Maybe it is a lack of patience. Maybe a lack of the proper equipment. Maybe a lack of confidence. I am going to lean more towards the latter. I get horrible anxiety cooking for anyone, because undoubtably someone out there has cooked them something ten times better. That is a silly thought, of course, I know this. Hell, my mom was the best cook on Earth as far as I am concerned, and I know many people have someone in their lives they feel this way about. No one can compare. So, when someone cooks me dinner, I never even try to compare it to what my mother would make because, there is no point. Surely, on the same front when I cook for someone they are not comparing my meal to their cooking idol. Does that make the anxiety any less? Nope.

I fail at cooking even more as a blogger, because 1) my recipes are unoriginal for the most part and 2) because of the pictures.

I love to look at cooking blogs as they take you on a photo journey, step by step. Well, first of all, I am not organized enough to cook that way and second, I have ugly kitchen supplies. Seriously. This stuff matters.


I will go ahead and admit, fairly unashamed that most of my outfits are centered around a sports bra. Can I get away with wearing one with that dress, that shirt, etc...I am packing a large duo up top and I'll tell ya--there ain't a thing worse than a bra. I also like the idea of flattening myself out a little bit. Therefore, I center around sports bras. Hell, the only reason I wear a maxi dress occasionally is for the "naked" factor.

I do not have a huge talent for putting together an outfit. Most of my cute outfits come from ideas I have seen on other people. I am ok with that.

I also revolve my outfits around flip-flops most of the time. I have three pairs in rotation- black, tan, and brown. Make it work.


Well if you have spent any time on my blog you will see that photography is not my forte. In fact, my skills are limited to Instagram. I also do not have a photographer buddy to follow me around. Those bloggers really get some envy brewing in me. How amazing would it be to have a photographer friend who followed your every blogging move and captured your flawless outfits in a perfect light? I wouldn't complain.

Again, this comes down to patience. I just do not have the time to take 50 photos to get the right angle of my skirt. Then again, y'all do not want to see my daily outfits, I can assure you, therefore you're welcome for this failure. It keeps me from the delusional belief my tank top and sports bra-with a cardigan for work- are anything someone would want to read about.

You know, while I may fail at these things, I do feel I have some relevance here. I certainly appreciate anyone and everyone who stops by to read my posts. Writing is something I love. It is my favorite pastime. Whether I am good at it or not, does not even matter to me. It is my little "passion", if you will. Just like some people's passions are cooking, fashion, or photography. Bonus points to all of you who do any of those or all of them and manage to do them well and manage to also succeed at writing about it.


  1. I'm with you on the last two. I could never be a fashion blogger and I could only dream that my photography was better.

  2. Oh do I suck when it comes to fashion. I don't know what's in (nor care) and generally if I want to look somewhat put together, I ask my husband. He has more color/pattern coordination than I. ;)



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