Texas Women

Good morning! I hope you're weekend was as good as mine. I am sad to see it be Monday, but the weekend was nice, long, and pretty relaxing...except for a possible broken nose--but hey, it happens. So, now I am at my desk, with a slight throbbing in the right side of my face, but smiling nonetheless.

Head on over to Texas Women Bloggers today to read my Monday post. It is my families recipe for making homemade ice cream. It should be up sometime today.

Bless the ladies there, I was a nightmare to work with this first week, but I think I got everything lined out and hopefully they aren't fed up with me yet. ;-)

Have a great start to your week, see you tomorrow.


  1. Love ice cream! Heading over to check it out now :-)

  2. That recipe sounds amazing! We will have to try it sometime.



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