The Ugly Duckling

Yesterday was brutal for me. I had to move my RV which is no easy feat. Today I have to squeeze in 3-4 hours of work and then head to Dallas for a wedding shower and to see my nieces. The oldest celebrates her 11th birthday on Monday. I am also hoping to catch the youngest cheer at a football game on Saturday. I'm sure it will be incredibly cute. Speaking of cute---what a perfect segway into my post today.

Now, I don't know about y'all but when I was the age my nieces are now--7 & 11--I was butt ugly. My naturally wavy/curly hair was always frizzy and let's not even go into the brassy gold color. I had acne and a huge gap between my two front teeth. As if that wasn't enough, I had a massive overbite and my bottom teeth resembled that of a Shi-Tzu.

Actually, if you want a better idea of what my hair looked like, it was somewhere between this dog's texture and Richard Simmons' color. 

I also had a mean case of the baby fat that I just could not shake. Then there is the social awkwardness. I was quite the little mess of ugly. 

Enter my nieces: Hutton and Bowen--even their names are cute than mine!!!! Now, I am not just saying they are beautiful because they're my nieces. They really are stunning. This is not limited to them either. Go to any mall and you're going to notice the girls are so much prettier than we were in our day. This can not be a coincidence. In fact, they have us to think for their much easier to bare "awkward phase". We were the ones who tested out all the products such as hair straighteners. 

The amount of skin care products available today almost guarantees your acne will be far less severe than mine ever was. I dried and tortured my poor skin with the likes of experimental creams. In fact, I was so hell-bent on losing my acne that I learned to swallow pills just to try those remedies. I can tell you--nothing worked. Eventually, around 15 it cleared up enough that I could use make-up to cover it. I never fully got clear skin until 20. Luckily, I think those days are behind me. I rarely even have a break out now--knock on wood. Maybe all the chemicals I subjected my body to finally did their job.

Then there is the hair, oooh how I know I will pay for highlighting it since the ripe age of 13. But hey, brass is not a good color on anyone. No way, no how. I will never forget the first time I actually felt "beautiful". It was a few days before my first day of high school. I was moving to a new town from a 2A school to a 5A. I was terrified. I went to my usual hair stylist and she gave me some killer highlights and then used this new product on me called a "CHI". Angels were singing. Gone were the days of my mother pulling and straightening my hair with a round brush and a hair dryer. 

Next came the learning of the makeup. I wore the same eye shadow palette for years--still do on occasion. Covergirl Soda Shop. My technic has greatly improved though. 

Do not get me wrong, I hope my girls NEVER have to be subjected to what I went through as an adolescent. Kids can be downright awful and cruel, and I would never wish those feelings and experiences on them. I am grateful they are so beautiful, and can only hope that as it lasts through the rest of their time in school they continue to be kind to the kids who are going through that phase. I hope they see the inner beauty in people, and that is the criteria they use to select their friends. 

And to those who are struggling like I did for so many years--just remember there are things like braces that will change your life. You will look back on those times and be glad you went through them because it did ultimately make you a better person.

**Funny: every time someone tells my Dad I have a beautiful smile he loves to respond with the old, "Well, she had better, I paid enough for it."

Ok, ok Dad. Let me thank y'all one more time for freeing me from my Mr. Ed/Shi-Tzu/Mike Tyson hybrid smile. 

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  1. Girl. My 6th grade school picture is a hot ass mess that still scares me!!! So I understand what you are saying! :)



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