Wellness Wednesday

The cool part? That is all you have to drink. 6 oz. As for flavor? It tastes a bit like vitamins, but drinkable, for certain. 

I'm back for Wellness Wednesday. Update on my Zeal use first: I am still craving my Diet Cokes. I feel like I am depriving myself of something I love, and that isn't fair. I know they are bad for you, but I'm jonesing. It mostly affects me when I am on a long road trip, which I am frequently. I need something to sip on, and you only drink Zeal once a day. I know what you're thinking..."Um, ever heard of WATER, Megan?" What can I say, I like my carbonation. Yes, I have tried carbonated water--NOT the same.

I will continue to push forward, but as for now, I am still struggling.

Now, on to a different kind of wellness--mental wellness. If you read my post yesterday you know I am under a little bit of stress. Trying to figure out what the best moves are to insure you live your most effectively for, oh say, the next 5-10 years is downright exhausting.

One wrong decision can screw everything up...I am probably stressing because I watched Sliding Doors this weekend and it has me worried.

Here is the trailer if you've never heard of it. (I hadn't either!) It has the classically bad acting, and Gwyneth Paltrow doing a London accent--horrible ha! Also, I dig the old school announcer man in the trailer. All jokes aside though, awesome movie and thought provoking.

(So tacky it could stick to a wall, right?!)

Basically the route you choose can change everything. Duh. I know there are many things out of my control, and I am far from a control freak but, I still try to start off on the right foot. So, in my quest to decide if I should buy this house, if I should let myself fall for this guy, if I should keep trucking in a job that I feel "meh" about, if I should let a friendship go that may or may not be toxic, if I should, if I should, if I should...broken record...I've decided I am going to have to just go forth, and do.

Conclusion: I am going to make a choice on the house, either way, it probably won't ruin me. My heart is going to go where it will, so in the meantime I should just sit back and enjoy. Regardless, I am getting paid in a world where too many are not, and I am grateful for a job that, while it may not blow my mind, it keeps me busy and fed. The friendship will last if it is meant to, and if it isn't it won't, we are both adults and know when to just throw in the towel.

You see where I am going with this...? For my mental wellness, I am just trying to tell myself to "go with the flow". Lets hope I can kick my anxiety habit and my caffeine habit all together. No, I won't consider the possibility they are related. Diet Coke wants nothing but the best for me. It would never want to contribute to my anxiety.

Any tips, are always greatly appreciated. That's what friends are for!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this product until the other day…I saw some of the teachers at Mason’s school with it! I wish I could give up Diet Dr Pepper, but I hate the migraines that result from that!



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