What I'm Pinning

It is Saturday, not only that but it is a beautiful Saturday and I plan to spend a lot of it outside. So, because lovely weather causes my brain not to function I want to share some things I've been pinning. You are welcome to follow me on Pinterest, but I am pretty unoriginal, still followers are nice. To save you the time of scouring my boards though, here are some favorites.

Cranberry Layer Cake. I need, need, need. 

Organization. This is my main fall goal. By the time the New Year rolls around I want to be a more organized version of myself. 

I just bought a sweater very similar to this. I know I will wear it at least once a week as soon as the temp drops. 

I find Charlie, aka Jax Teller, too fine for words. Plus, I love SOA--I mean I even named my dog Gemma. 

Comfy and oh so luxe!!! Love the pillows and blankets and the neutral colors.

My style is far from "preppy" and I do not die over all things monogram--however, I like the idea of your monogram on a fleece pullover. Could be a cute gift too. This is on my Christmas gift ideas list for my girl friends. 

These are the great white buffalo of rain boots. Probably impossible to find but I would love them.

Yes, I pinned a manly scarf knot. But I really like the super wrapped up look and this one is perfect. I will be using it this winter, minus the facial hair.

So, there you have it. A few things I've been pinning. I plan to return to all of them along with everything else I've pinned. Fat chance, right? That may be my only negative on pinterest. It has us all believing we will be extremely productive and crafty, but how many of your pins do you actually commit and follow through with? Me, not very many.


  1. I'm obsessed with Hunter rain boots! I want ALL the colors.

  2. Very cute blog. I love the Hunter boots too. I found you through TXWB.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment! :)

  3. Let me know if you find those boots! Love them! :))



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