Thursday Tunes

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My theme for the week is "songs that give me chills" in honor of the Halloween holiday today! Every time I hear these songs I get a serious chill.

1. Alan Jackson- Midnight in Montgomery


2. Garth Brooks- Beaches of Cheyenne

This song used to give me the willies when I was little.

And I am super bummed because Garth is a stickler and you can't find his music online. Psh, isn't he rich enough?!

3. David Allan Coe- The Ride

Yep, freaky.


Invasion of The Facebook Boutique


Ok, so maybe this is bad blogging form--but I don't mind breaking formal rules. I have a few posts that I wrote early on in my blog, that I personally liked, but had very few viewers. I want to share them again now with the awesome people that still read my blog, even though work has had me very distracted.

I still enjoy this little hobby very much, and lay in bed thinking of posts nightly--all of which go on a list for when time allows me to get more involved again.

::In the meantime enjoy this post from the summer::

First let me say, I am guilty of following Apricot Lane and a few other boutiques on Facebook. There is actually a handful of them I have littering my news feed ALL DAY, but is it just me or does anyone else feel this is taking all of the fun out of shopping?

I have had to do my fair share of online shopping over the years due to the fact that I have lived in some remote places however, I much prefer the real deal.

There is something about walking into a store and touching every single item that I just love. I want to feel materials, see colors accurately, and most importantly TRY THEM ON. I can't even begin to tell you the number of items hanging in my closet unworn because I received them in the mail and they didn't fit. Why didn't I return them you ask? Because I am lazy that's why.

I feel like the influx of Facebook boutiques is just ruining all the fun. Everyone has the same clothing. The reason boutiques are so special is because there is a uniqueness to the items they carry. You don't have to worry about running into 5 different girls wearing the same chevron color-blocked dress as you in every random town you stop in. You know which one I am talking about too. Again, I am guilty of owning these. They are comfy and require minimal effort, i.e. no bra. Still that doesn't mean I don't roll my eyes every time I pass a chick wearing the same dress. GET OFF MY APRICOT LANE JOCK.

Anyway I can't waste anymore time here, I've got 10 online boutiques to browse. I HAVE to be the first to own that chevron color-block in the mini version.

What Day Is It?!

Do you ever have those days?! I just figured out it is Saturday, which would usually mean my weekend is nearly done...but not this time. I had to do a small move this weekend and to thank the dime piece that helped me move I told him I would let him detour about an hour and a half out of the way and hunt. So, here I am in the stand...bored. The deer are no where to be seen but he was nice enough to let me bring my iPad. Keeper, right? I had one ex who wouldn't let me even breathe in the stand yet insisted I be there--but we will discuss adventures in bad boyfriends another time (why what a fantastic post idea Megan.)

It's also nice that I've got a stout rum and diet in hand. I will probably survive but I do have to pee. 

Why all the "TMI", you ask? Well, because now seems like a wonderful time to explain my blog's name.

"Barefoot & Blue Jean Princess"

Well, for staters that line is from a Brantley Gilbert song. Two--I googled multiple opinions on if "blue jean" was one or two words. 

Secondly, I am a girl who was raised an hour from a big town, grew up not in a town, and went to school in a town that only consisted of a Dairy Queen and a flashing light--due in part to the fact that we're on a major highway. I love to get dirty. My favorite thing to do is play in the mud. That said, I'm still a slight princess. I like my makeup and my girly toys. I get bored easily and pout. Alternately, I will get neck deep in mud at the four wheeler park and be perfectly happy with not washing my hair for 3 days--mud included. 

It's a crapshoot but when I listened to the song by Brantley--"Back in the Day" for those wondering. Good jam. Love BG. 

Also, whilst we are discussing feet--you knew that right?!--mine are versa-spa orange and the boy just caught a glimpse--yes I'm barefoot in a deer stand, sue me--and well, so far he hasn't run screaming at the sight of spray tanned foot soles. What a disaster! I wish my salon carried the foot covers. 

See how quickly I digress? I need meds. 

Have a wonderful weekend ladies. Talk to y'all Monday or Tuesday. 


Random Thoughts and Friday Funk

Do you ever wonder if your dog knows just how much you love her?

I mean, I get on to her when she's bad and when it's freezing outside and she takes 6 years to find a poop spot, I get a little annoyed but when we are snuggling and she looks at me with her big brown eyes, well I just love that mutt. But I wonder if she really knows it?

I have to fully agree with Aleshea here about the no-reply bloggers. Please take sec to read this post. It makes it a lot easier to reply to your comments through email because, as she says, there is no guarantee you'll see my reply and then it just appears I am ignoring you--and I really do try to reply to everyone.

What is the deal with headaches that just won't go away?!!

Beer has entirely too many calories--and that makes me sad. Yes, I will workout for an extra hour in the morning and skip lunch so I can enjoy my 5 22oz Ultras and still meet my calorie quota without going over.

^^^^^ Which reminds me, next week I am starting a 12 week program with a friend of mine who is a trainer. He is going to whip my big butt into shape--if I can lay off the beer. (fat chance--pun fully intended)

Am I becoming a robot or are those "prove you're not a robot" words you have to fill out becoming harder and harder to read?!!

Credit Card fraud is about as low and a person can get. I hate, hate, hate thieves.

The turkey bacon, egg white, cardboard sandwich from Starbucks SUCKS. Pass me 100 more calories and give me some flavor please. 

I just hired a house keeper--and you may remember from this post here, that I live in a 5th wheel. We won't even go into how lazy that makes me feel, but I really am short on time and this girl needed work--there is my justification. 

People are SO opinionated on Facebook. Unless you know you fully agree with each other, I feel like certain things shouldn't be discussed via social media or even in friendships--money, religion, and politics. It always puts a temporary strain in one's opinions. I don't care how open minded you claim to be--if I say something you disagree with and find hurtful to your beliefs (totally unintentionally on my part) it is going to sting. 

Alright, so I am having a funky morning because said headache from yesterday won't go away--blame the 5 22oz Ultras I had WEDNESDAY night. Getting old is a bitch. Hangovers last too long. And there was a time when a case of beer wouldn't have left me hungover. AAHHH aging.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be MIA--SHOCKER I know, but I am moving so I really do have a good excuse! 

Thursday Tunes--late



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That's it. Very simple.

Today I am posting a few of my favorite The Voice Auditions, because I am obsessed.

1. Holly Henry- The Voice

This totally made me tear up when her little brother is crying. 

2. Timyra Joy- The Voice

This girl killed it.

Gosh I always cry.


3. Casadee Pope- The Voice

Maybe it is just because I love this song so much and forgot all about it.

Truth: I just got a little side tracked watching old Cassadee videos haha. Sue me.

4.  Melanie Martinez- The Voice

Can we talk about the irony of Christina not turning around for some doing a Britney song,,huh??!!

5.  Benji- The Voice

See its not all females.

6.  Caroline Glaser- The Voice

Ok bonus round, but seriously, if I could sing, and was to ever audition for anything, this would be my song. FAVORITE.

That's all folks.

My Apologies

Hello lovelies. Forgive me not participating in our link up today. I have been away from my computer. I feel it is bad form of me to skip so tomorrow I will do a day late version of my Thursday Tunes! 

I hope you can still love me. 

The Girls You Should Be Marrying

I know a lot of my readers are married, but many of you have sons, brothers, male friends, etc...and to those of you who are like me, and still single, this is what we all want to hear. And, I find it quite spot on. (That was said in a British accent.)

The Girls You Should Be Marrying


Life According to Pinterest

Guilty. Especially if it's got any kind of meat in it. 

Hate hate hate when this is done. 
I refuse to ask you. 


"Arsehole" lmao. 

Said every woman everywhere. 

The Quiet Game

Life is full of small, passed over moments. Yesterday, as I was enjoying one in particular it got me pondering what some others are. I’ve compiled a small list of those moments that rejuvenate you with silence. I think we could all use more quiet time. 

Eating alone: I’m talking at a restaurant. There is something really refreshing about having lunch or drink alone. There is no need to fake and or forced conversation, no need to watch what you eat, etc…just calm and quiet. I think we could all use a little more quiet time in our lives, no? It took me a little growing up before I could even attempt to eat alone, but now it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Dog park: It is littered with couples. However, I enjoy my alone time with my dog there. I am free to just play with her and watch her run and not have to worry about focusing on anyone else…plus when she does something to embarrass me I care a lot less…HA!

Road Trip: I’ve done them both ways, but usually I prefer alone. I can sing at the top of my lungs---and badly, eat all the gross gas station junk food that I like, and be free to be a shitty driver, all without judgment. Ride together? Nah, I’ll see you there. Bonus: if you’re ready to leave, you leave.

Shopping: I’m sure some would disagree here, but I love to shop alone. I want to put all of my concentration into what I am doing, and not feel the need to be embarrassed if something doesn’t fit or my card declines—HA, really only happened once, but it happens.

I do love my lunch and dinner dates, and sometimes a trip to the mall with a GF is a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but those moments of silence (metaphorically, because as I sit here in Starbucks with the noises whirling around me, I am still able to tune it out because the only thing that needs my focus is this keyboard).

There are certainly things I prefer to do with others such as having drinks at a bar, getting pedicures, going to a movie, and exercising, but overall embrace your alone time. I wish I had learned to embrace it sooner and not feel like a loser sitting alone at lunch. It doesn’t mean you don’t have friends, Megan. 

Thursday Tunes



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Post 1-5 songs you like at the moment, have liked in the past, whatever! You can embed from YouTube or use GrooveShark if thats more your thing. I personally like to watch videos. 

That's it. Very simple.

Today I am doing an ode to the old Britney Spears. Where oh where did she go?! Oh, that's right...CRAZY. 

1. Sometimes- Britney Spears--Oh Brit Brit. 

2.  From the Bottom of My Broken Heart- Britney Spears

3. Born to Make You Happy- Britney Spears

4. Overprotected-Britney Spears--it's starting!

5. Baby One More Time-Britney Spears--and the one that started it all!!

Sorry I was tardy to the party today!! Enjoy. I will be playing these on repeat while cleaning house.

Rural Route Dilemma

Another post stolen from my time at Texas Women Bloggers!

Rural Route Dilemma

This is a post that many of you will probably relate to. There comes that time in life when you have to decide just how much leisure you're willing to give up for convenience.

Have I lost you? Ok, here's what I am talking about: the city vs country life. I have been back and forth on both ends of this scale and I am not sure I am any closer to figuring out where true comfort lies for me. I have compiled a list of some of my pros and cons as I continue to sort through and weigh my options on this topic that will probably surround me for years to come.

Living in the city: 

Pro- Well obviously, convenience is the number one reason. There is always a Target, Lowes, or at the very least a decent grocery store within 10 miles.

Con- You are always stuck in a crowd. I can't tell you how much I despise going to HEB or Walmart because it is always a cluster.

Rural areas:

Pro- While they may have one small store with limited products, you're probably going to find at the very least what you need, which ultimately keeps you from the over spending and buying unnecessary junk. Plus, they're usually not crowded.

Con-I grew up in a town of about 2000 people. There was a small supermarket, but you were hard pressed to find many brand name items...and don't even get me started on cosmetics.

Living in the city:

Pro-Helloooo food. Hungry and in a hurry-fast food. Want to sit down and enjoy a meal and a cocktail? Done.

Con-Hellooo calories. Did you really need that 2 am cheeseburger? No. No, you didn't. Not to mention going out the eat regularly is a drain on the wallet.

Rural areas:

Pro- Small town restaurants are the equivalent of having a "home cooked" meal. You can usually find some good chicken fried steak, hamburger steak, mashed potatoes...ok I am starving now.

Con- Well for starters, most of the smaller town restaurants are not going to bother with a beer and/or liquor license. No, I am not saying I need alcohol available, but sometimes a margarita with your fajitas is nice. Also, your fast choices are usually limited to a Dairy Queen--which is fine, but you do burn out on Hungerbusters and Country Baskets--ok maybe not Country Baskets, that gravy is the

Living in the city:

Pro- You have the opportunity to meet new people fairly regularly.

Con- You do sacrifice that "at home" feeling of waving at folks as they drive past or knowing your mail man.

Rural areas:

Pro- Odds are, most people are going to know you. At the very least, they'll know your name. That can be nice to be able to chat with someone while you're waiting to check out at the store.

Con- Odds are, most people are going to know you. Yes, I already said that. It is also a con. Goodbye privacy, hello small town gossip. You can defend it to the death, but I promise you, every, yes, even yours, every small town gossips.

Living in the city:

Pro- There is a lot of law enforcement, which can deliver a since of security--whether it is false or not is a whole different discussion.

Con- There is usually more crime. It is just a statistical fact. More people, more crime.

Rural areas:

Pro- You can pretty much feel secure leaving your car unlocked at night...I have been guilty of even leaving my keys in it, but hey, I like to live dangerously.

Con- It's a safe bet the cops will remember you, and once they pull you over one time for speeding, you're going to be on their list. Anyone who is familiar with small towns knows, they treat their speed traps like a sport.

You get the idea by now, I am sure. There are pros and cons to everything and in the end some people do not have a choice. Their jobs or families may keep them in one of those areas. If you're lucky though, you may have the option of a small town 45 minutes away from the city, and that is something to contemplate. I am in the middle of this contemplation now. Do I stay where it is easy and close to work or do I go where I can have a sense of community and more star gazing?

In the end, home is where your heart is and where you are the happiest. The only pro you really need to ultimately win is this:

Pro- I sleep well, breathe easy, and wake up with a smile on my face.

Con- Who cares. See Pro above.

That is where you need to be.

Thursday Tunes



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Post 1-5 songs you like at the moment, have liked in the past, whatever! You can embed from YouTube or use GrooveShark if thats more your thing. I personally like to watch videos. 

That's it. Very simple.

1.  Beat of the Music- Brett Eldredge

2. Hell on the Heart- Eric Church

3. I Will Always Love You- Josh Weathers

Kick ass cover!

4.  Dayum Baby- Florida Georgia Line

Ok, I take offense to the ridiculous spelling of "damn" here but this song makes me smile. So it is forgiven.

5.  State of Grace- Taylor Swift

Guilty! I love her!

That's what I've been digging this week! I rarely branch out as you're probably noticing. I think next week I will pick a theme. Spice up my life a bit.

Thanks in advance for joining us! It is awesome to have a turn out!

Make-it-Up As You Go

I don't consider myself to be a makeup whiz. I have spent nearly 10+ years experiementing with what works for me.

Primer-does not work--for me. I do not see any change in my pores or in the amount of shine that my oil T-zone gives off. It seems like an unnecessary step for my routine, therefore I have a brand new bottle of Smashbox Primer that will never be used.

Eye-Shadow Primer- I assumed this would be a waste as well but I gave it a try after watching some youtube tutorials--my guilty pleasure. This stuff makes all the difference in the world, for me. My eye shadow goes on much smoother and does not crease--because, as I said, I have oily skin.

This is the one I use.

Eyelash Curler- Do not need this. Again, I speak for me only. My lashes aren't necessarily that naturally curled but I feel that the curled lash look is not really that cute. You lose some length. So I nix this step.

Eyebrow Pencil- I did not use this for years and always HATED my brows. A year ago I went to Ulta and got them waxed at the Benefit counter--if this is an option for you I highly recommend it. They're supposed to do the same brow no matter where you go--the Benefit brow. Anyway, she colored and filled in my brows and it is wild what a difference it made in my face. I recently added another step which is a gel that I put over the coloring. It really makes them stay. I do this even if I don't use ANY other eye makeup. 

Highlighter- I'm half and half here. Sometimes I feel like I come out looking a bit shiny, but I have somewhat figured out how to use it. I'm not sure that anyone notices I have it on, so this makes it a somewhat unnecessary step in a way, but I see it a little so whatever. When I am not in a rush I use it. I also use one under my brow--seriously I have a brow obsession--and this one I use daily. 

Powder- As you know by now, I have oily skin. This is a very neccessary step for me, however, looking back on some very white faced disposable camera photos--it took me a while to get this step down. Today I use one loose powder when I put my makeup on--after foundation and concealer--and then I use a blotting powder during the day on my shiny areas--usually my chin and snout.

I'll let you get back to your days now. I know reading about my makeup trial and errors is enthralling and I wouldn't want you to get too distracted! What are your trial and error finds? Anything useful?

"Homemade" Soup

Taste of Tuesday link-up with Blissfully Miller andLet's Get Bananas!

I have to share the amazing dinner I just made! "Homemade" Minestrone soup. I use the term "homemade" loosely because I used a kit that I picked up at Target, but you still have to do a little leg work. I will definitely make it again. There is enough for two people.

Someone's nose would not stay away. 

Sad, begging eyes. 

I would definitely recommend picking this up if you're at Target!! So good. 

It comes with everything you need minus olive oil, onion, and a can of diced tomatoes. Super easy. 

A Little Bit Gypsy

This mornings post is stolen from my Texas Women Bloggers guest posts. It is something that I really wanted to share with my readers though, because it gives y'all a little insight into my life. Enjoy! Post starts now:

A fun fact about me, that I rarely share is, I live in a 5th wheel camper. Yep, me, my half great dane, and my 500 articles of clothing. Why you may ask? Well, mostly because I move a lot, and after years of packing up apartment after apartment or paying to live in a hotel for a month I just got tired of it. I bought myself a camper and put my home on wheels.

The first night I moved in, I cried. But, after buying a mattress topper, some new bedding, and adding some personal touches I began to love it. It is my little home. So basically, wherever I move, I get to take my house with me. Now is this a long term solution, no. A lot of people in my business live in campers, some of them even do with their spouse and or children. That seems a bit too tight for my taste.

There are a few cons such as you have very little refrigerator space and very little pantry space. Since the campers are designed to only be stayed in for a week or so they do not come with a lot of storage for food, but you make it work. I keep shoes in one of my kitchen cabinets and pots and pans under my couch. You learn to move things around to where it works for you. The bathrooms are another complaint. The showers are pretty small and you're hard pressed to find good water pressure (pun intended). My hair has taken the brunt of this decision. The toilet situation is fine, except when you have to drain your tanks. I won't go into any gory detail but it can be kind of a pain, especially when moving time rolls around and you have to unhook your sewer lines. It humbles you to say the least. Closet space is another issue, again because they're not designed for someone to live in long term. Actually, and this is kind of crazy because I hate laundry, but my biggest gripe would be not having my own washer and dryer. But, like I said, I make it work.

I have to say it is pretty fun once you get it figured out. I just moved it last Thursday. It can be a little stressful, but it only took me from 9 am to 2 pm to get moved--that does not happen in a house. I will leave you with some pictures of my home on wheels or mobile mansion as I like to call her.

Here are a few of the before pictures. As you can see from the pictures above, I did a little to make it feel more like a home.

You can see, once you throw in some decoration and color it actually begins to resemble a home. I am coming up on my 2nd year in it and over all I think it was a great decision. Plus, I like the feeling of no strings attached. I can pick up and move anywhere in the U.S.!  There are some great little RV Parks around this state, and I have been in a few of them. Extra bonus: some come with free wifi and cable and some, like mine now, even pay your electric bill, therefore in these West Texas summers I keep the thermostat way down and never worry about a bill. Talk about a win!


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