Hey, It's Ok....

Hey, it's ok...is one of my favorite articles in Glamour Magazine. I always identify with them. I decided to make a little list of my own. So without further delay here we go:

Hey it's ok...

to use exclamation points after every sentence! (stole this one from Glamour but it is so me.)

if sometimes you just have to brush your teeth in the AM before you take the dog out.

to prefer a hamburger over eggs for breakfast.

to consider reorganizing piles of clothes as cleaning.

to play hooky from work on occasion.

to not like The Kardasians, Real Housewives, or anything related.

to have 3 half finished books on your night stand.

to not eat all of your food, order what you want!

It's NEVER ok...

to neglect your friends and family--or your blog--of which I can be found guilty on occasion.

Tell me some of your "Hey it's ok..." justifications! I love them!

1 comment:

  1. Haha...I could use a exclamation point at the end of every sentence!



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