Invasion of The Facebook Boutique


Ok, so maybe this is bad blogging form--but I don't mind breaking formal rules. I have a few posts that I wrote early on in my blog, that I personally liked, but had very few viewers. I want to share them again now with the awesome people that still read my blog, even though work has had me very distracted.

I still enjoy this little hobby very much, and lay in bed thinking of posts nightly--all of which go on a list for when time allows me to get more involved again.

::In the meantime enjoy this post from the summer::

First let me say, I am guilty of following Apricot Lane and a few other boutiques on Facebook. There is actually a handful of them I have littering my news feed ALL DAY, but is it just me or does anyone else feel this is taking all of the fun out of shopping?

I have had to do my fair share of online shopping over the years due to the fact that I have lived in some remote places however, I much prefer the real deal.

There is something about walking into a store and touching every single item that I just love. I want to feel materials, see colors accurately, and most importantly TRY THEM ON. I can't even begin to tell you the number of items hanging in my closet unworn because I received them in the mail and they didn't fit. Why didn't I return them you ask? Because I am lazy that's why.

I feel like the influx of Facebook boutiques is just ruining all the fun. Everyone has the same clothing. The reason boutiques are so special is because there is a uniqueness to the items they carry. You don't have to worry about running into 5 different girls wearing the same chevron color-blocked dress as you in every random town you stop in. You know which one I am talking about too. Again, I am guilty of owning these. They are comfy and require minimal effort, i.e. no bra. Still that doesn't mean I don't roll my eyes every time I pass a chick wearing the same dress. GET OFF MY APRICOT LANE JOCK.

Anyway I can't waste anymore time here, I've got 10 online boutiques to browse. I HAVE to be the first to own that chevron color-block in the mini version.


  1. Lol, you are hilarious! LOVE! Happy shopping :-)

  2. OMG yes!! I have to touch everything lol



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