Random Thoughts and Friday Funk

Do you ever wonder if your dog knows just how much you love her?

I mean, I get on to her when she's bad and when it's freezing outside and she takes 6 years to find a poop spot, I get a little annoyed but when we are snuggling and she looks at me with her big brown eyes, well I just love that mutt. But I wonder if she really knows it?

I have to fully agree with Aleshea here about the no-reply bloggers. Please take sec to read this post. It makes it a lot easier to reply to your comments through email because, as she says, there is no guarantee you'll see my reply and then it just appears I am ignoring you--and I really do try to reply to everyone.

What is the deal with headaches that just won't go away?!!

Beer has entirely too many calories--and that makes me sad. Yes, I will workout for an extra hour in the morning and skip lunch so I can enjoy my 5 22oz Ultras and still meet my calorie quota without going over.

^^^^^ Which reminds me, next week I am starting a 12 week program with a friend of mine who is a trainer. He is going to whip my big butt into shape--if I can lay off the beer. (fat chance--pun fully intended)

Am I becoming a robot or are those "prove you're not a robot" words you have to fill out becoming harder and harder to read?!!

Credit Card fraud is about as low and a person can get. I hate, hate, hate thieves.

The turkey bacon, egg white, cardboard sandwich from Starbucks SUCKS. Pass me 100 more calories and give me some flavor please. 

I just hired a house keeper--and you may remember from this post here, that I live in a 5th wheel. We won't even go into how lazy that makes me feel, but I really am short on time and this girl needed work--there is my justification. 

People are SO opinionated on Facebook. Unless you know you fully agree with each other, I feel like certain things shouldn't be discussed via social media or even in friendships--money, religion, and politics. It always puts a temporary strain in one's opinions. I don't care how open minded you claim to be--if I say something you disagree with and find hurtful to your beliefs (totally unintentionally on my part) it is going to sting. 

Alright, so I am having a funky morning because said headache from yesterday won't go away--blame the 5 22oz Ultras I had WEDNESDAY night. Getting old is a bitch. Hangovers last too long. And there was a time when a case of beer wouldn't have left me hungover. AAHHH aging.

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be MIA--SHOCKER I know, but I am moving so I really do have a good excuse! 

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