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Today I am posting a few of my favorite The Voice Auditions, because I am obsessed.

1. Holly Henry- The Voice

This totally made me tear up when her little brother is crying. 

2. Timyra Joy- The Voice

This girl killed it.

Gosh I always cry.


3. Casadee Pope- The Voice

Maybe it is just because I love this song so much and forgot all about it.

Truth: I just got a little side tracked watching old Cassadee videos haha. Sue me.

4.  Melanie Martinez- The Voice

Can we talk about the irony of Christina not turning around for some doing a Britney song,,huh??!!

5.  Benji- The Voice

See its not all females.

6.  Caroline Glaser- The Voice

Ok bonus round, but seriously, if I could sing, and was to ever audition for anything, this would be my song. FAVORITE.

That's all folks.

1 comment:

  1. Ohh I love this and junk linked up. I forgot you were hosting this is just happened to write about music. :)(: Americah Idol is still my favorite but The Voice has been on fire this season.



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