Rural Route Dilemma

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Rural Route Dilemma

This is a post that many of you will probably relate to. There comes that time in life when you have to decide just how much leisure you're willing to give up for convenience.

Have I lost you? Ok, here's what I am talking about: the city vs country life. I have been back and forth on both ends of this scale and I am not sure I am any closer to figuring out where true comfort lies for me. I have compiled a list of some of my pros and cons as I continue to sort through and weigh my options on this topic that will probably surround me for years to come.

Living in the city: 

Pro- Well obviously, convenience is the number one reason. There is always a Target, Lowes, or at the very least a decent grocery store within 10 miles.

Con- You are always stuck in a crowd. I can't tell you how much I despise going to HEB or Walmart because it is always a cluster.

Rural areas:

Pro- While they may have one small store with limited products, you're probably going to find at the very least what you need, which ultimately keeps you from the over spending and buying unnecessary junk. Plus, they're usually not crowded.

Con-I grew up in a town of about 2000 people. There was a small supermarket, but you were hard pressed to find many brand name items...and don't even get me started on cosmetics.

Living in the city:

Pro-Helloooo food. Hungry and in a hurry-fast food. Want to sit down and enjoy a meal and a cocktail? Done.

Con-Hellooo calories. Did you really need that 2 am cheeseburger? No. No, you didn't. Not to mention going out the eat regularly is a drain on the wallet.

Rural areas:

Pro- Small town restaurants are the equivalent of having a "home cooked" meal. You can usually find some good chicken fried steak, hamburger steak, mashed potatoes...ok I am starving now.

Con- Well for starters, most of the smaller town restaurants are not going to bother with a beer and/or liquor license. No, I am not saying I need alcohol available, but sometimes a margarita with your fajitas is nice. Also, your fast choices are usually limited to a Dairy Queen--which is fine, but you do burn out on Hungerbusters and Country Baskets--ok maybe not Country Baskets, that gravy is the

Living in the city:

Pro- You have the opportunity to meet new people fairly regularly.

Con- You do sacrifice that "at home" feeling of waving at folks as they drive past or knowing your mail man.

Rural areas:

Pro- Odds are, most people are going to know you. At the very least, they'll know your name. That can be nice to be able to chat with someone while you're waiting to check out at the store.

Con- Odds are, most people are going to know you. Yes, I already said that. It is also a con. Goodbye privacy, hello small town gossip. You can defend it to the death, but I promise you, every, yes, even yours, every small town gossips.

Living in the city:

Pro- There is a lot of law enforcement, which can deliver a since of security--whether it is false or not is a whole different discussion.

Con- There is usually more crime. It is just a statistical fact. More people, more crime.

Rural areas:

Pro- You can pretty much feel secure leaving your car unlocked at night...I have been guilty of even leaving my keys in it, but hey, I like to live dangerously.

Con- It's a safe bet the cops will remember you, and once they pull you over one time for speeding, you're going to be on their list. Anyone who is familiar with small towns knows, they treat their speed traps like a sport.

You get the idea by now, I am sure. There are pros and cons to everything and in the end some people do not have a choice. Their jobs or families may keep them in one of those areas. If you're lucky though, you may have the option of a small town 45 minutes away from the city, and that is something to contemplate. I am in the middle of this contemplation now. Do I stay where it is easy and close to work or do I go where I can have a sense of community and more star gazing?

In the end, home is where your heart is and where you are the happiest. The only pro you really need to ultimately win is this:

Pro- I sleep well, breathe easy, and wake up with a smile on my face.

Con- Who cares. See Pro above.

That is where you need to be.


  1. I grew up in a VERY small rural area (I'm talking 300 people) and since my parents still live there, I get to break away from the city whenever I need it. Makes me feel like I get the best of both worlds!
    And I 100% agree with all those pros/cons...nailed it!

  2. I grew up in the city and now live in a Rural area! I prefer the latter, for sure!!!



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