Texas Tuesday

Confessions of a Cowboy's Wife

First of all, did y'all watch the voice last night? The 15 year old was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I'm always team Blake but I am glad she chose Christina. I think it is a better fit. Then how about legs who chose team Blake?! She was a knock out. I discovered it is also the perfect cardio partner, I did not want to get off the elliptical because I was so into the show. I will start planning around that for sure.

Now on to Texas Tuesday! I haven't linked up with Amanda and Crystal in a while and I love this link up. My Texas favorite for today is the one and only....drum roll....

Born and raised right here in our wonderful state. 

Cheesy, right? I can't help it. I love me some pickles!! 

Happy Tuesday! Don't forget Kristen and I do a link up on Thursdays. Check out last weeks post to see what it is all about if you're interested!


  1. Thanks for linking up pretty lady!!! I didn't know those pickles were made here in Texas. I love me some pickles!!



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