Thursday Tunes


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Post 1-5 songs you like at the moment, have liked in the past, whatever! You can embed from YouTube or use GrooveShark if thats more your thing. I personally like to watch videos. 

That's it. Very simple.

Today I am doing some songs that are either new, or new to me that I am really liking. 

1. I Can Drink To That All Night- Jerrod Neiman
He is so cute. 

2. Don't Let Me Be Lonely- The Band Perry-

There is no video yet for this song, but if you haven't heard it give it a listen. I usually do not care for this band but this song I really like!!

3. Do It Like This- Johnny T

Again, no video yet, but LOVE this song.

4. Moonlight Crush- Outshyne

I really like this band, they're based out of the Nashville scene but I see them as a Nashville version of Texas Country.

Join in if you have the time!

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