Thursday Tunes



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Post 1-5 songs you like at the moment, have liked in the past, whatever! You can embed from YouTube or use GrooveShark if thats more your thing. I personally like to watch videos. 

That's it. Very simple.

1.  Beat of the Music- Brett Eldredge

2. Hell on the Heart- Eric Church

3. I Will Always Love You- Josh Weathers

Kick ass cover!

4.  Dayum Baby- Florida Georgia Line

Ok, I take offense to the ridiculous spelling of "damn" here but this song makes me smile. So it is forgiven.

5.  State of Grace- Taylor Swift

Guilty! I love her!

That's what I've been digging this week! I rarely branch out as you're probably noticing. I think next week I will pick a theme. Spice up my life a bit.

Thanks in advance for joining us! It is awesome to have a turn out!

1 comment:

  1. Brett Eldredge opened up for Miranda and he sang this song! I’ve been in love with it since. And that Josh Weathers cover is amazing!!! I’ve never heard that FGL song…I like! Thanks for sharing. And I have to admit, I’m not the biggest T-Swift fan and have never heard this one.



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