What Day Is It?!

Do you ever have those days?! I just figured out it is Saturday, which would usually mean my weekend is nearly done...but not this time. I had to do a small move this weekend and to thank the dime piece that helped me move I told him I would let him detour about an hour and a half out of the way and hunt. So, here I am in the stand...bored. The deer are no where to be seen but he was nice enough to let me bring my iPad. Keeper, right? I had one ex who wouldn't let me even breathe in the stand yet insisted I be there--but we will discuss adventures in bad boyfriends another time (why what a fantastic post idea Megan.)

It's also nice that I've got a stout rum and diet in hand. I will probably survive but I do have to pee. 

Why all the "TMI", you ask? Well, because now seems like a wonderful time to explain my blog's name.

"Barefoot & Blue Jean Princess"

Well, for staters that line is from a Brantley Gilbert song. Two--I googled multiple opinions on if "blue jean" was one or two words. 

Secondly, I am a girl who was raised an hour from a big town, grew up not in a town, and went to school in a town that only consisted of a Dairy Queen and a flashing light--due in part to the fact that we're on a major highway. I love to get dirty. My favorite thing to do is play in the mud. That said, I'm still a slight princess. I like my makeup and my girly toys. I get bored easily and pout. Alternately, I will get neck deep in mud at the four wheeler park and be perfectly happy with not washing my hair for 3 days--mud included. 

It's a crapshoot but when I listened to the song by Brantley--"Back in the Day" for those wondering. Good jam. Love BG. 

Also, whilst we are discussing feet--you knew that right?!--mine are versa-spa orange and the boy just caught a glimpse--yes I'm barefoot in a deer stand, sue me--and well, so far he hasn't run screaming at the sight of spray tanned foot soles. What a disaster! I wish my salon carried the foot covers. 

See how quickly I digress? I need meds. 

Have a wonderful weekend ladies. Talk to y'all Monday or Tuesday. 



  1. I love me some BG...and my blue jeans...and being barefoot lol

  2. Love me some BG and y'all had a Diary Queen!!!! Totally jealous!!!



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