Hey loves. I am in New Orleans with my best friend for our annual "Best Friend Trip" hashtag bfftrip2013! I will update y'all Wednesday, when I get home!! 

Yeah..of course we are sober. 

Five on Friday

Linking up with Carolina Charm.

1. This is a double whammy--Gingerbread coffee and this adorable sweater mug from the one and only Target. I am almost jealous of how cozy this mug is. (<---isssssuueess) 

2. Winter has fully arrived…which is cool (pun intended) and all, except I have to fly out tomorrow in this freezing, icky, weather…any tips on good winter flight outfits?! I am horrible at dressing for flights, and always wind up miserable. Anyway, our high today is 29 degrees and drizzling, so I am posted on my couch working from home wearing these:

Fun fact: I look nothing like that in them.

3. Good friends…I am thankful I have them when my head is spinning and I need advice. It is hard to pass up. This nugget really helped me Wednesday. 

4. Animal cruelty: (no, not realllly) 

Bad Santa if there ever was one. 

5.  In keeping with the cold theme--I am so thankful I have this blanket, also from Target. Lifesaver.

Stay warm friends! 

Thursday Tunes


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Songs that give me an unrealistic view of life, aka "love songs":

Songs suck. They are worse than fairytales when it comes to this whole "Prince Charming" dream. Am I wrong? I mean I am not sitting around waiting for Luke Bryan to drop everything he's doing just because he wants to see what I am wearing, or get excited that I want to slide up in his dirty truck and have him praying the night doesn't end.

It's not real, and when I'm riding around with my boyfriend and put my pretty pink toes up on the dash, I am pretty sure all he is thinking is: "I just armoralled that, damn it!" He is not lost in how adorable I am that he nearly swerves off of the road.

Truth hurts.

Lucky #16

So, there is this thing floating around of Facebook where someone gives you a number and you list that many fact about yourself…if you have a Facebook, I know you're familiar with this. Well, I haven't and won't do it there but I do like the idea of doing it here, where y'all do need to get to know me better. Facebook knows me well enough.

1. I've never sneezed more than two times in a row.

2. I could eat Ceasar salad every day, and sometimes do.

3. I wear flip flops all year round.

4. I am short but I have big feet and hands, my friends call me "half-squatch".

5. I have never had a nose bleed in my life.

6. I stutter every time I try to say "thesaurus".

7. I love "The Young and the Restless". Been watching for 6+ years.

8. I do not like water. Making myself drink it is a chore.

9. I just met my full blood brother for the first time September 2012. (WAY WEIRD)

10. I hate musicals.

11. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts are the

12. I only wear thongs--TMI?! seriously though people think those are a wedgie…don't get me started on "cheekys". No fun.

13. If I am not drinking a Michelob Ultra I prefer a Kettle One and soda with at least 3 lemons.

14. My favorite flowers are yellow roses, sunflowers, honeysuckle, and magnolias.

15. Perfume does not last on me. Seriously, spray it and an hour later it is all gone, no matter how much is sprayed.

16. I am obsessed with candles.

Ok, that is enough about me. Tell me something about you! :)

Taste of Tuesday: Creamy Shrimp Enchiladas

Linking with Ashley and Jessica.

I made these Saturday night for my boyfriend (that word is just hard for me to say) and I. Let me tell you, they are downright amazing. Credit for the recipe goes to the website listed on the pictures of the recipe! I, however, found it on this little site that few people know about…called Pinterest. <--- link to the pin if you are unable to read the recipe below! I highly, highly recommend making these. They are easy and amazing. Next time I will probably use just a little less lime juice, as my filling was a tad runny and I may give corn tortillas a shot. I also omitted the cilantro, because I hate it. 



Pre chopped my veggies--went back later and chopped them up finer. 

This is THE BEST salsa and green sauce. Hands down.

I also made my own Casa Ole-esq green sauce using the above green sauce, sour cream, garlic powder, and my leftover salsa verde. Caliente!! 

Left over peppers and ranch as a snack.

Chopping shrimp while watching the Texas/OSU game. Not happy with the game or the task of cutting shrimp…ICK!

Shrimp mixture…he ended up eating the remaining mixture with tortilla chips. This was great in itself. 

Sauce--also AMAZING. 

Sprinkled more cheese on top and after about 10 minutes it melted and they were ready to eat!! 

Give it a shot…you won't be disappointed!! 

A Beer Drinker's Attempt At Health

I have been struggling for a few months now with finding the time <---weak sauce, I know, to workout and I am going to try to start making that effort now.

I used to have a great routine going:

1 or 2 spin classes a week, 5:30 am sometimes

Body Pump once or twice a week

Yoga once or twice a week

Pilates once a week

I was on a roll. My friend used to joke with me about how motivated I was because even when rocking a hangover I made time to go, and usually didn't regret it. Then I got a nasty cold and was on my ass for a little over a week. That is all to took to get me out of that routine. Sad, isn't it?

So here I sit, planning a spin or Body Pump tonight and wondering what else needs to be done. My eating habits, while not wonderful...are not awful. So what is it? BEER. Yes, beer. I love my beer. I drink 5 or 6 (sometimes more) at least 3 days a week (again, sometimes more). An alcoholic this does not make me, but that is a lot of extra calories adding up.

What do I do? I've tried switching to liquor, i.e. vodka soda, but that just makes me drunk. The moral here is to just get my ass in the gym. Burn off those beer calories, because lawd knows, I ain't gonna stop.

In keeping with my lack of health, I made an awesomely unhealthy Creamy Shrimp Enchilada dish Saturday. Will post the recipe tomorrow!

Man Questions

I know I am not the only lady out there who is occasionally baffled by mens actions. Here are a few of my latest wonders:

The way they can pull of not having perfect teeth. I notice it so much more when women have a bad grill.

The way they see nothing wrong with having their ex-girlfriends shampoo and conditioner and razor and loofa…you get it…still in their shower. HELLO?! EW. I don’t want to accidently use your ex’s loofa or hair brush or ponytail holder. They either think it is no big deal, or they get off on it.

How even though the menu CLEARLY says—“Comes with choice of two sides” when the waitress takes their order, she still has to ask what two sides they want, and they then have to go back and look.

Going along with that last one, the fact that they think it is cute or funny to tell the waitress to “surprise me”. THAT’S NOT HER JOB. SHE IS BUSY. PICK TWO AND MOVE ONE. Also, the bartender doesn’t want to surprise you either. NEXT.

The fact that they obviously do not believe in fabric softener. Hello stinky and stiff towels.

 What do y'all think?

Work in Progress

So, I wanted to let y'all know what is up ahead:

I am working on a "Pinterest Fail" series. I know this has been done plenty of times, but it never gets old. My first video will be included!

Also, I've got my mom's "family famous" stuffing recipe to share with y'all closer to Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, I am the first to say if something beats my families recipes--very few can beat this stuffing.

I have a trip to New Orleans planned--which is something my friends and I do very well. I am going to put together a little guide along with some highly entertaining photos for your viewing pleasure.

I'm off to the deer lease this weekend, but I will get started with the some good recipes come Tuesday!

Thursday Tunes


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Today I'm just playing some favorites in the loooove category. I'm not feeling particularly mushy, so I don't really know what to chalk it up to. Just pretty songs.

1. Sam Cooke- Nothing Can Change This Love

2.  Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard- Without You On My Side

3. George Strait- Cross My Heart

Does this song give everyone else chills like it does me? I just love. This will always be a beautiful classic.

4. Jamie Richards- Anyway You Want Me To

Holy cow, just one of my all time favorite songs.

That's all for this edition y'all!


Sunday Funnyday

Hello all! I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday. It's miserable weather here so me and my manfriend are enjoying some drinks in doors. I'll leave you with some funnies. 

Five on Friday

Linking through Carolina Charm.

It has been a long time since I joined in on this link up, but I love it and some good stuff has been on my radar that I want to share.

1. Chobani "Flips" Greek Yogurt- I have tested every flavor combo that appeals to me and they are ALL winners. Perfect for breakfast or a snack. My fridge is stocked. Some of my favorites below:

Blueberry Power-walnuts, hemp and chia seeds that you flip into blueberry yogurt.

Key Lime Crumble- Graham cracker, white chocolate chips, and key lime yogurt--TO DIE FOR.

Vanilla Golden Crunch- cornflakes, praline pecans (<--YUM), honey oats, and vanilla yogurt.

Nutty for Nana- nuts and dark chocolate with banana yogurt.

I love, love, love this boutique. Their style is a little boho, very California, and cozy. I am eyeing a faux fur vest that I think is all I need to make me happy in life, and I request that I be buried in it when my time is up.

Yes, bury me in this outfit in fact. 

Sorry about the horrid quality-it's like Fort Knox to get a link to this stuff. 

3.  Folgers Vanilla Biscotti K- Cups- SO YUMMY, barely needs any sweetener.

4. My new purse by the Sak--I am thinking you can probably go ahead and stick it in the grave with me and my fur vest.

5. Pretty Little Liars

I'm catching up on Season 4. This show is my guilty pleasure. 

Happy November! 


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