Five on Friday

Linking up with Carolina Charm.

1. This is a double whammy--Gingerbread coffee and this adorable sweater mug from the one and only Target. I am almost jealous of how cozy this mug is. (<---isssssuueess) 

2. Winter has fully arrived…which is cool (pun intended) and all, except I have to fly out tomorrow in this freezing, icky, weather…any tips on good winter flight outfits?! I am horrible at dressing for flights, and always wind up miserable. Anyway, our high today is 29 degrees and drizzling, so I am posted on my couch working from home wearing these:

Fun fact: I look nothing like that in them.

3. Good friends…I am thankful I have them when my head is spinning and I need advice. It is hard to pass up. This nugget really helped me Wednesday. 

4. Animal cruelty: (no, not realllly) 

Bad Santa if there ever was one. 

5.  In keeping with the cold theme--I am so thankful I have this blanket, also from Target. Lifesaver.

Stay warm friends! 


  1. That dog outfit is amazing! Stopping by from the linkup!

  2. high of 29?? YIKES- we just got a blanket like that as well!!

  3. Brrrrrrrrr!!!! I always wear shoes that slip on easy (boots, uggs, etc). Comfy jeans and a cardigan/hoodie are a must too. If I wear a winter jacket I always put it in my suitcase before I check the bag.

  4. I am so over this Texas "winter" I'll take my heat back now

  5. How do you like the Gingerbread coffee? I almost got it, but went with the coconut mocha. It’s okay.



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