Lucky #16

So, there is this thing floating around of Facebook where someone gives you a number and you list that many fact about yourself…if you have a Facebook, I know you're familiar with this. Well, I haven't and won't do it there but I do like the idea of doing it here, where y'all do need to get to know me better. Facebook knows me well enough.

1. I've never sneezed more than two times in a row.

2. I could eat Ceasar salad every day, and sometimes do.

3. I wear flip flops all year round.

4. I am short but I have big feet and hands, my friends call me "half-squatch".

5. I have never had a nose bleed in my life.

6. I stutter every time I try to say "thesaurus".

7. I love "The Young and the Restless". Been watching for 6+ years.

8. I do not like water. Making myself drink it is a chore.

9. I just met my full blood brother for the first time September 2012. (WAY WEIRD)

10. I hate musicals.

11. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts are the

12. I only wear thongs--TMI?! seriously though people think those are a wedgie…don't get me started on "cheekys". No fun.

13. If I am not drinking a Michelob Ultra I prefer a Kettle One and soda with at least 3 lemons.

14. My favorite flowers are yellow roses, sunflowers, honeysuckle, and magnolias.

15. Perfume does not last on me. Seriously, spray it and an hour later it is all gone, no matter how much is sprayed.

16. I am obsessed with candles.

Ok, that is enough about me. Tell me something about you! :)


  1. OMG I wish I just sneezed once I sneeze like 500 times in a row

  2. I've seen these floating around and had to make myself not touch the "like" button so that I didn't get a number. Like you said, Facebook knows me enough. But I do like the thought of doing it on the blog. I love to get to know neat, unique things about bloggers I follow! Being someone that is allergy prone, number 1 blows my mind. ha!

  3. Love the idea of doing this on the blog instead of Facebook!



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