Man Questions

I know I am not the only lady out there who is occasionally baffled by mens actions. Here are a few of my latest wonders:

The way they can pull of not having perfect teeth. I notice it so much more when women have a bad grill.

The way they see nothing wrong with having their ex-girlfriends shampoo and conditioner and razor and loofa…you get it…still in their shower. HELLO?! EW. I don’t want to accidently use your ex’s loofa or hair brush or ponytail holder. They either think it is no big deal, or they get off on it.

How even though the menu CLEARLY says—“Comes with choice of two sides” when the waitress takes their order, she still has to ask what two sides they want, and they then have to go back and look.

Going along with that last one, the fact that they think it is cute or funny to tell the waitress to “surprise me”. THAT’S NOT HER JOB. SHE IS BUSY. PICK TWO AND MOVE ONE. Also, the bartender doesn’t want to surprise you either. NEXT.

The fact that they obviously do not believe in fabric softener. Hello stinky and stiff towels.

 What do y'all think?


  1. Ugh when I was w/Mr. Fireman he had a bottle of allergy or cold meds (idk something non-prescription) on the night stand of what had clearly been his ex's side of the bed with "Sarah" written on it. DUDE! I don't care if she didn't need/want it or if you can/do use least put it somewhere where I don't have to look at it every damn time I spend the night!

  2. These had me laughing out loud! So true.



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