A New Year Approaches

I hope y'all are ready for a week of soul-searching, explorative posts. I absolutely LOVE New Years. Not because it is a big party, because as you'll find out, I have never really had a spectacular NYE. I love it because it is a fresh start. You know how people wait until Monday to start a diet or workout? Well New Years Days is like a BIG FAT MONDAY (except it doesn't suck). It is a chance to just start over and try to remedy any mistakes you made last year. The past is left in the previous year.

What was I doing this time last year? Being incredibly unorganized and cramming too much stuff into a few bags so one of my best friends and I could head to Las Vegas to celebrate the New Year. I was also getting over bronchitis. No fun. This post is not about last years trip whatsoever, but I will sum up really quickly for y'all:

My poor friend had no fun on her first trip to Vegas because I was sick as a dog the whole time. No, not hungover, still fighting the bronchitis. What a huge waste of money on both of our parts. I do hope one day she will go to Vegas with me again and give me another shot! (Sorry Jen, if you ever read this.)

Back to the point, the New Year. Am I the only one who feels that we put too much pressure on ourselves to start the year off right? I mean, resolutions and all? It is a lot of stress. I do believe, however, in lists. I think they are easy to follow--though sometimes I have a hard time doing so. There is a checks and balances appeal to them. Sentences or words you've yet to cross of glaring up at you from your adorable little note pad. (Side note- no matter where you write your list, they're all equally hard to follow.)

I came across this article on Facebook and am going to first share it with you via this link, and then I am going to just highlight a few of the points that really spoke to me. Don't get me wrong, I plan to work my ass off to completely revamp the way I live by attempting to bring all of these ideas into my days. No, this will not be something with fast results. In fact, I have a better shot of losing those 20 lbs I also plan to shed in less time. I do however expect, or at the very least hope that by the time 2015 is approaching I will not have to make a list that is this extensive. I will have figured it all out. Now wouldn't that just be lovely. I know life doesn't work that way, and while I am a hopeful human being I am thankfully also a realist. I never get my expectations up--wait is that a good quality? I digress…here we go:

"…Things to Stop Doing to Yourself"

4. "Stop putting yourself on the back burner": I have let many an opportunity pass me by because I was too busy following a "love" to another town or oppositely, staying in a current situation because of a "love" when there were great things hundreds of miles away. Thus far my endeavors, or lack thereof have worked out alright. But how long can I continue to put myself last and expect to keep going on being happy? Not forever, I am afraid. So this year, when an opportunity knocks, I am going to let it in, because let me tell you: there is not one person in my life currently who would put me before an opportunity for themselves. Enough said.

13. "Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons": This is just so so real. How many times have I been scared of ending up alone in life that I stay in a bad relationship? Too many. It is a terrifying thought as we get older. Yes, I know I am only 25, but then you do the inevitable math equations, i.e. "I'm 25 and a half now, I meet him around my 26th birthday, we date for 1-1.5 years, we become engaged, wedding about 1 year later, then kids about 2 years later.." We begin to put so much pressure on ourselves that we think, "F. it. I am just going to settle, because at least if we end up divorced in 10 years I'll have some kids." Yes, I am aware just how AWFUL and PATHETIC and downright NONSENSICAL that sounds. It is all of those things. While that may have been a bit of an extreme example, I know I am not alone in having some of these thoughts or fears. Still, there is no time like the present, so why waste one minute on someone or something you've discovered just isn't going to work for you?

I could probably write an exert about each of these points but this post would be entirely too long. I recommend giving it a read. Something in there may reach out and grab you the way those two above grabbed me. Are you still awake? Yeah, me neither.

I wish you all a Happy and more importantly, SAFE New Years.


  1. I'll be good if folks would mind their own business and tend to their relationship and not mine instead of seeing that I'm happy and try to get me to get out of the relationship.

    Come check it out. and let me know your input. It would mean alot. Thanks. http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2013/12/too-blessed-to-be-stressed.html

  2. i remember being 25 & single. wait for the best. I'm so glad that I did. Mr. Right showed up when I was least expecting it at 26 & only a few months after a bad relationship. We knew each other for 6 months, dated for 2 months, engaged, married a year later & now have 2 beautiful kids!! I love New Years too---I'm ready for a fresh start! :)

    1. Thank you! It helps to hear the positive stories sometimes! There are so many bad dating disasters out there. :)

  3. I love NYE for the exact same reason. Also, when I read this: "I'm 25 and a half now, I meet him around my 26th birthday, we date for 1-1.5 years, we become engaged, wedding about 1 year later, then kids about 2 years later.." I was like OMG that is me to a T! I have literally said these exact words more than once...



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