Dear Santa...

Dear Santa-

I think I have been relatively good this year. I know I have been a tad bit extravagant, what with starting the year in a suite in Vegas, spending a ton on dog training, countless shopping trips, a new MacBook Air, iPhone 5S, trip to New Orleans….ok you already know all this. I have also done 2 5K's, thrown my dad a surprise birthday party (Saturday), paid off some credit cards, made a few donations to charity…are you aware of that?

So, if you think I've been a good enough girl, here is my wish list this Christmas--feel free to use your discretion:

1. Cuisinart Griddler

Yes, I want steak with my eggs. 

2. Breadman Breadmaker

needed the smell of bread filling my house.

3.  Burberry Brogue House Check Continental Wallet


4.  Louis Vuitton Evora GM

Speaking of extravagant.

5.  Corral Wingtip Boots


6. Cookbooks

My idol.

500 recipes!! OH YES!. 

7. Polar Watch

Workout motivation?

8. Kindle Paperwhite


So, like I said, Santa, I am asking for a lot, but I will be eternally grateful!!


PS: If you could scratch off what you buy and pass the rest on to my friends and family, that would be AWESOME!!


  1. Oh. My. God. I NEED those boots! That watch is on my list too.

  2. I so want the pioneer cookbook. I believe I'm gonna have to do major christmas shopping for myself when the time comes. :D

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