Just A Whole Lotta Nothin

This post is pretty much going to read like a diary entry. Not a lot of point to it.

My Dad's surprise party went GREAT Saturday. We had it at a BBQ restaurant and his family and friends were hiding when we walked in. He kept saying he couldn't figure out why out of all of the restaurants in town, that was the one I wanted to go to. (They had a free party room, and their food is always good.)

We all ate, sang happy birthday, had cake, and he got some good presents. Mostly money and gift cards. My sister gave him a very nice bottle of bourbon and his friends gave him a Duck Dynasty hat because he loves it. I am buying him a new mattress as a Christmas/Birthday gift.

Pausing to talk about etiquette for a moment:

What do y'all feel is right when it comes to someone throwing a party…

My Aunt suggested we do this, so I put it all together since I am familiar with the town. I paid for the food ($215). My other Aunt picked up the cake ($30), and I offered to pay her back. She never made a fuss about it so I left it alone.

However, only one person offered and gave me any cash for the money I spent. Now, I realize I invited them and I do not expect anyone to pay me, but the person who suggested we throw the party in the first place?! I was kind of expecting her to help out with the cost there too…

Oh well. My Dad was really happy and that is all I really wanted!

On the agenda for today is to go to the grocery store and stock up on goodies because I am making my own version of Starbucks' "Bistro Boxes".

Hopefully I can post about that tomorrow for Taste of Tuesday!

Happy Monday! (<--HA!)


  1. I'm glad that the party went well and I'm sorry nobody else offered to help pay :(

  2. I am glad your dad had a good birthday! Nathan and I always offer to pay, or help out. Always!



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