Post Holiday Depression

Just kidding on the title...or maybe what I mean is, I am actually ready to get back to work and to a routine--plus as of December 13 I will be off until January 6th...whichever it is, I am happy. 

Hope y'all have all had a great holiday week. Mine was awesome. Got back from New Orleans late Wednesday night with nasty cold though...

Spent this morning putting up my version of RV Christmas decor. Turned out to not be so bad...but I may still take a venture out tomorrow for some more goodies. Everything as of now is from Hobby Lobby. 

If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen these, as well as my New Orleans photos--totally sober, HA!

What else should I do to decorate a small space?

I'm off to make a ridiculously easy homemade broccoli cheese soup. Will post the recipe this week. I've really been on top of my Pinterest recipes. I also made a great "leftovers" dinner last night that I will share this week as well! 

Enjoy these last bits of weekend. 


  1. Broccoli cheese soup sounds amazing. I'll be looking forward to that recipe.

  2. I love your space!! Looks cute. Are you on vacation all of that time? My husband's company has a 2+ week Christmas shutdown and they get paid. I don't hate it! :)



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